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Stories by Mark E. Becker

Mark E. Becker, Esq. is a mediator and problem-solver resolving more than 5,000 disputes over a career spanning over thirty years with the attitude that all disputes can be settled. An author, Becker's column will focus on resolving our nation’s most urgent issues, some old, but mostly new from outside of the Beltway in the Real America, where most of us live. Learn more about Mark at:, and connect with him on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter (@Markbeckerwrite). To order his books, go to his website or to

BECKER: Leaving my father’s party

TALLAHASSEE, April 17, 2015 – People seldom see it coming. I didn’t. Over the past several years, I had become complacent about my political beliefs. It didn’t start that way. It was an insidious process of wearing down. I was never a preacher or a firebrand, but I always spoke my mind in the interest ...