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Stories by Mario Salazar

Mario Salazar is a combat infantry Vietnam Vet, world traveler, renaissance reconnaissance man, pacifist, metal smith, glass artisan, computer programmer and he has a Master of Science in Civil/Environmental Engineering. Now retired from the Environmental Protection Agency and living in Montgomery County, Mario will share with you his life, his thoughts, his musing on living in yet another century of change. He will also try to convey his joy of being old.
Military Armanents

Is fully funding military armaments keeping America from looking weak?

MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, MD: While the Trump administration has been unique in many ways, it has greatly increased the prominence of one particular sector of the US economy.  The armaments industry that President Eisenhower warned us about continues to benefit from our taxes to a great degree. One of the first things President Trump and the ...

Mitzva, America

The 21st Century America living in quiet desperation, seeking a Mitzvah

MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, MD.  It was a horrendous day. We in the Mid Atlantic US get these days in early winter, 45 degrees with a fine rain. We were receiving donated computer equipment at a Mitzvah. I had recently learned that it translated to something close to “good deeds event”. It was early on a Sunday morning. ...

Migrants, Caravan, COAS, Mario Salazar, 2018 Mid-Term Elections

Does the caravan approaching the border pose a threat to America?

MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, MD: The 2018 mid-term elections are one week away.  By this time, we should have a picture of who will have control of the House and the Senate. A Blue Wave is not guaranteed, nor is a Red Tsunami. As we saw in 2016, polls do not tell the whole story. However, headlines may ...

give a stranger

When all you have to give a stranger is $20 and a bottle of water

FROM THE ROAD: The man sat on the curb in front of the convenience store/gas station. It was right off the ramp from the interstate in Alabama. We had just had lunch at a Subway restaurant down the street and stopped at this place before getting back to Interstate 59 North.  My wife and son ...