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Stories by Lisa M. Ruth

Lisa M. Ruth writes on international events, intelligence, and other topics. She has worked with CDN as a journalist since 2009. Lisa is also President of CTC International Group, Inc., a research and analysis firm in South Florida, providing actionable intelligence to decisionmakers. She started her career at the CIA, where she won several distinguished awards for her service. She holds an MA in international relations from the University of Virginia, and a BA in international relations from George Mason University. She also serves as Chairman of the Board of Horses Healing Hearts, and is involved with several other charitable organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and AYSO.
Easter, Easter Eggs, Religious Symbolism

Lamb and Easter eggs – symbols of the renewal of life

In early history, eggs were part of spring festivals and were considered proof of the renewal of life. Similarly, lamb, which is ready for harvest in spring, is a sign of goodness. Today they are a symbol of spring and Easter celebrations.

Freedom and respect: Farewell from President Obama

In his farewell speech, Obama displayed his greatest gifts, his ability to relate and connect, and to thank each of us for our small part in this great country. He was sincere, he was kind, he was genuine.

Impeach Trump? Not yet

The talk of impeachment reached a fevered pitch this weekend, with an online petition calling for impeachment of Donald Trump gaining signors at a galloping pace, and Professor Allan Lichtman - who predicted the Trump victory - saying he believes Trump will face impeachment shortly after taking office.

How to fight Trump (responsibly)

The uniquely American form of democracy may have flaws, but it is an amazing system that provides for both the rights of the individual and the greater good. Protecting this democracy is worth the work it requires.

Haitian Supreme Court mulls government take-over

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Haiti announced yesterday that it is holding an emergency meeting in response to the announcement of the Provisional Electoral Council to hold elections on 20 November 2016.

Oil glut continues: Stocks to buy now

Sectors like consumer discretionary, retail, transportation & travel and restaurants often benefit when consumers don’t have to shell out for higher gas prices.