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Stories by Lauren Fix

Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®, is a nationally recognized automotive expert, analyst, author, and television host. A trusted car expert, Lauren provides an insider’s perspective on a wide range of automotive topics and aspects, energy, industry, consumer news and safety issues.

Car Buying | Hidden Rebates and incentives – May 2020

BUFFALO, NY — Are you are looking for a great value on a new vehicle? Now is the time. Many people are waiting for dealers to offer a fire sale. That may come next month, but there are some impressive deals occurring now. Currently, there are over 1 million lease returns that are due in ...

Auto industry impact from Coronavirus Covid-19

BUFFALO, NY — The impact of the Coronavirus is global and impacts many industries. The automotive industry impacts half of the Dow Jones and the result is the lower stock market and a huge impact on auto sales for the globe. ALG, a subsidiary of TrueCar, updated its 2020 new vehicle sales forecast for the ...