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Stories by Kevin Price

Kevin Price is Publisher and Editor in Chief of US Daily Review ( and Host of the Price of Business ( which is nationally syndicated and distributed by USA Business Radio ( A multi award winning journalist, he is the author of "Empowerment to the People." His column is nationally syndicated and he is a frequent guest on major media around the country, including Fox News, Fox Business and other networks. For more, visit

GOP voters are dazed and confused

Those who believe that Trump is still a fad or that only an established "name brand" will get the GOP nomination need to wake up to the reality that the voters have had enough

Jim Gilmore was going to run

The GOP has more candidates than it knows what to do with. Does it really need another 'real Republican' in the race?

What makes Lindsey Graham run?

Some sensible political observers think that Graham, who has been in the Senate since 2003, is simply ready to "move up or move out."

How Presidential candidate announcements have changed

WASHINGTON, April 18, 2015 − In the good old days of politics (around 4 years ago), announcements by political hopefuls that they were running for the Presidency closely resembled those that Americans had heard and experienced for generations. Back in the day, it was common to see large campaign gatherings, punctuated at times by short “whistle stops” and ...