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Stories by Kevin Price

Kevin Price is Publisher and Editor in Chief of US Daily Review ( and Host of the Price of Business ( which is nationally syndicated and distributed by USA Business Radio ( A multi award winning journalist, he is the author of "Empowerment to the People." His column is nationally syndicated and he is a frequent guest on major media around the country, including Fox News, Fox Business and other networks. For more, visit
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Democrat legislative agenda: Out of touch with America’s values

WASHINGTON: The new Congress is fully back in the legislative swing. Unfortunately, it appears the most radical wing of the Democratic Party is driving the parties agenda. Issues that would not be touched by the Democrats just a few years ago are now front and center. Over the last week, the Price of Business radio ...

Latest gun grab makes 2016 promising for GOP

Gun violence is real, but nothing will change as long as President Obama keeps ignoring mental health care while targeting law-abiding citizens who responsibly exercise their second amendment rights.

Trump’s affection for Putin shows huge lack of judgement

Those who support Trump because he would provide a better way will be disappointed to see ego politics reach all new levels under his administration; U.S. prestige and security will be continuously linked to the billionaire's obviously fragile self-esteem.

Understanding the Ben Carson phenomenon

Ben Carson is well-educated, intelligent, an author, and, in the eyes of the left and the media, unqualified for high office: No black conservatives need apply.

Why some major corporations pay more taxes than others

WASHINGTON, Oct/ 23, 2015 – Every year the media is loaded with reports describing the disparity in the amounts of money companies pay in taxes. has weighed in on the subject with a recent report: With taxes and income inequality taking center stage in the recent presidential debates, the personal finance website WalletHub today released its latest ...

Why Big Business loves minimum wage increases

WASHINGTON, October 8, 2015 − Many policy makers seem to live in a dream world. “It is terrible that the working poor have to live on such a low minimum wage,” they say. They address this problem by arbitrarily raising the minimum wage, although many jobs are worth less than the amount they set. This ...