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Stories by Kevin Fobbs and Susan Swift

Biden, Leadership, Afghanistan

Wrong on Afghanistan, Biden learning leadership begins at the top (part 2)

WASHINGTON: Remember the Ronald Reagan adage, “Trust, but verify”?  Well, this necessary truism only works if there is a consistent policy to verify.  But as former president Barack Obama once said, “There is no there, there.”  He could have been speaking of Biden’s ability to lead. (Obama ‘vented his concerns about Biden and said “don’t ...

Biden, retreat,afghanistan

Did Biden deceive Americans on Crushing Defeat in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON: Whether he was hiding in his Delaware home basement during the Presidential campaign in 2020 or recently hiding out at Camp David, Biden’s response to the sheer Taliban terror in Afghanistan, his go-to move seems to be observable indifference. Americans have to ask, is Biden showing his mental infirmity or horrendous miscalculation, when on ...

Unborn, Right to Life, Babies go to Sacramento

Will the Right to Life Babies Go to Sacramento stop pre-born executions? 

The war to protect the life of the unborn and their fate may actually have received a boost from the Right to Life League’s Mother’s Day outreach program called,  “Babies Go to Sacramento.” This special pro-life gift packet was sent to all California federal and state legislators. The move is crucial because state legislators may ...