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Stories by Kevin Fobbs and Susan Swift

Gold Mother, Biden, Nikoui, Chappell, Kabul, Kabul 13, #13

Will America allow Biden, social media to cancel Gold Star Mother’s Grief?

WASHINGTON: How do you measure the weight of a Gold Star mother’s grief over the death of her son. Her son who gave his life for this nation?  Apparently, for Joe Biden, the anguish of families standing over the remains of 13 U.S service family members can be measured in a dismissive tick-tock glance at ...

christians, Afghanistan, Biden

Pray for the Afghan Christians Biden is abandoning to Taliban Executions

WASHINGTON:  Since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan Biden has said absolutely nothing about protecting Christians in Afghanistan. The Taliban are hunting Christians in Afghanistan. In fact the UK Express reports that “the Taliban are going door to door looking for Christians and if they discover a bible app on your phone, it brings instant death.” ...

Biden, Leadership, Afghanistan

Wrong on Afghanistan, Biden learning leadership begins at the top (part 2)

WASHINGTON: Remember the Ronald Reagan adage, “Trust, but verify”?  Well, this necessary truism only works if there is a consistent policy to verify.  But as former president Barack Obama once said, “There is no there, there.”  He could have been speaking of Biden’s ability to lead. (Obama ‘vented his concerns about Biden and said “don’t ...

Biden, retreat,afghanistan

Did Biden deceive Americans on Crushing Defeat in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON: Whether he was hiding in his Delaware home basement during the Presidential campaign in 2020 or recently hiding out at Camp David, Biden’s response to the sheer Taliban terror in Afghanistan, his go-to move seems to be observable indifference. Americans have to ask, is Biden showing his mental infirmity or horrendous miscalculation, when on ...