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Kerry Baynes is currently a Masters Candidate at Bloomfield College New Jersey. As a research assistant for the New Jersey State Senate, he was responsible for research on economic, budget/fiscal issues, and the impact of tax policy. He served as a Media Strategist for Garry Cobb For Congress, in 2014 and Giordano for Assembly, in 2015. Since 2006, he acted as Manager of Alpha Strategy Group, an Urban Media Company. Currently an Associate at World Financial Group (WFG), he works to build and protect wealth for families and individuals from all walks of life.

DACA and immigration under the Trump agenda

By ending DACA and pushing for comprehensive immigration reform, Congress can get on with the people's business: fix a broken economy and maintain the laws.

Paul Krugman is wrong about DACA’s impact on America

Paul Krugman fails in his arguments. Dreamers are a part of a vicious cycle that drain foreign economies of human resources, increases job competition, and fails to address instability caused by ignoring the rule of law.

Robert Le Hunte is good for Trinidad and Tobago

Robert Le Hunte’s extensive career in international finance makes him more than aware of the needs of both the public and private sector.

Two key concepts that make corporate change possible

Chandler-based Microchip (Nasdaq: MCHP) announced its quarterly results today for the period ended June 30. The company posted record revenue of $799.4 million but....

Five takeaways from “How to win friends and influence people”

It was filled with simple, common sense, easy to do things and techniques that we should all be exercising to get along better with the people in our lives.

Trump and an era of Neo-Republicanism

Under the Trump administration, the U.S. will make the world better through domestic and foreign policies that promote and foster freedom and market economies.

Dr. King’s ‘Dream’ and Dr. West’s proscriptions realized

I insist that Dr. King’s dream is realized on a daily basis

Do American firms remit online sales tax to foreign countries?

The Trinidad & Tobago online tax measure is not pragmatic on either side of the equation from a human resources perspective.

Trinidad and Tobago should lead on international tax neutrality

In the effort to acquire developed country status, Trinidad & Tobago should consider international tax neutrality and abandon its online sales tax scheme.

Trinidad’s 7 percent online sales tax bad for the economy

In response to falling revenues from oil sales, Trinidad's government is about to launch a tax that will hurt consumers and the economy. It's a huge mistake.

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