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Stories by John Velisek

John C. Velisek is a retired Navy Veteran, entrepreneur, write, and lives in Apple Valley California with his wife. Working since he was 14, he has recently retired to write full time, about a terrorism, racial issues, the economy and government on a personal level.
Progressive Socialist, American, Conservative, John Velisek

Taking the fight for America to the Progressive Socialists

WASHINGTON: Sheriff David Clarke wrote The Progressive Movement’s Sordid Past. The article lifted a veil over politics that is increasing thicker over the past few years. Following Sheriff Clarke for a while now, and I can honestly say it is this man who speaks for me.  A retired military veteran. Looking at the following that ...

Obama willfully blind to terrorism

When it comes to threats from radical Islam, Obama is delusional to the point of being dangerous; we can't fight the enemy if we are unwilling to name it.

1960s socialists killing America

1960s radicals are in charge, and they're remaking America in their image. It's up to the rest of us to stop them, if only we have the strength to stand up.

Charleston and the art of offense

Your feelings are hurt over the battle flag? Get over it. The world doesn't care about your feelings, it cares what you do to make it better for all of us.

On race and division

WASHINGTON, June 15, 2015 – Since Ferguson, I have been thinking about how I view those in my community, both black and white. I have found that I feel differently about different groups of people, and it is not based on race. I have heard several talking heads on both TV and radio determine that ...

The Ten Cracka Commandments: Take two

Instead of publishing divisive and inflammatory "commandments," lets join together to make things better for all Americans, to end racism and discrimination, to improve education, to stop blaming others as the excuse for our failures.