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Stories by Jo Patti Munisteri

Joanne Patti Munisteri lives a ‘different’ life that has taken her many places in the world. She works as a contractor in the fields of education, health, monitoring and evaluation, curriculum design, analysis and training. Joanne is a certified Combat Analyst and Social Scientist. She was part of the Human Terrain System (HTS) with the US Army, training at Ft. Leavenworth. She is a graduate of Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Massey University and the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her non-fiction book, “Traveling Off the X” will be published by Defiance Press in October 2021. Her personal website is:
Italy, Italians, Forza Italia-Italians, Covid, Mandates, Protests

Bravo and Viva Italia: Forza Italia-Italians fight fascism, again

The Italian people are protesting the most rigid Covid-19 restrictions in Europe. The protests have been ongoing since July 2021, with hundreds of thousands of Italians taking to the streets. Protestors blocked roads, shut down ports in Trieste and Genoa. Closing rail stations in Florence, Rome, Milan, Bergamo, the major cities and towns in Italy. ...

Gulag, Covid, Americans, Rights

Democrats, Covid and The New American Gulags coming to your state

GULAG is a Russian term derived from an acronym in Russian that roughly translates in English to: “chief administration of the camps.” The “camps” referred to were internment camps. Internment is an anemic term for prison. The camps were used as a tool for control of the population by force. The Russians were not the ...

The French fight back against the “Pass Sanitaire” health pass

FRANCE: The current President of France, Emmanuel Macron, announced in a nationwide televised address on July 12, 2021, two days before their national holiday-Bastille Day, that the entire population of France would be subject to his new policies regarding the implementation of a “Health Pass” (pass sanitaire). Beginning August 1 all people must be vaccinated.  ...