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Stories by Jacquie Kubin

Jacquie Kubin is an award-winning writer and wanderer. She turns her thoughts to an eclectic mix of stories - from politics to sports. Restless by nature and anxious to experience new things, both in the real world and online, Jacquie mostly shares travel and culinary highlights, introduces readers to the chefs and creative people she meets and shares the tips, life and travel information people want to read.
Mounted Border Patrol, Border Patrol, Texas, Horses, Reins, Bush, Abbott

Texas Gov. Abbott , George P. Bush defend the Mounted Border Patrol

SAN DIEGO: The minute Biden and Liberal elites occupied the Whitehouse, they set out to destroy all things, Trump. This last attack is against the Mounted Border Patrol. However, despite the Bush family not wanting to speak badly about the sitting president, George P. Bush, an attorney serving as the Texas General Land Office commissioner ...

Digital Immersion Gallaey, TELUS Spark Science Center, Calgary, Canada

Explore Every Second at the TELUS Spark Science Center, Calgary

CALGARY, CA:  For this traveler, Calgary, Canada is a top-ten travel destination.  And it just got better with the exhibit Every Second at the Digital Immersion Gallary at the TELUS Spark Science Center. Calgary, located in the western Canadian province of Alberta, is Canada’s fourth-largest city. It is picturesquely set where the prairies end and ...

Star Trek, Star Wars, Democrats, Republicans

Political Science Fiction: Choosing Star Trek over Star Wars

In George Lucas’s Star Wars saga the battle is for power and control. Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, however, is the story of seeking peace and humanity in the universe. Star Wars is a story of a never-ending battle for supremacy, and the goal of turning all denizens of the galaxy to the Dark Side – ...