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Stories by Jim_Eltringham

Jim Eltringham is a grassroots political consultant and Vice President of Advantage, a voter contact and mobilization firm. He has designed and implemented campaigns merging multiple online and offline tactics for a range of political and advocacy organizations. Eltringham lives in Centreville, Virginia with his wife and their two daughters.

A political science study almost changed campaigns forever

As much as we idealize American democracy as a great exchange of ideas, the uncomfortable reality holds that political campaigns do precious little to change voters’ minds. The best political operatives adeptly portray their candidate the most palatable choice to voter on the issues which already matter to them. That’s why a political science study showing that in-person, door-to-door canvassers with a personal story to tell could move opinions on same sex marriage was so fascinating. And it’s why the political world is so terribly bummed out now that it appears the whole thing was fake.

No, the GOP isn’t dying off

The party’s base is still white – a shrinking demographic – and older – a demographic which expires more frequently. But an obituary is premature.

These three issues will deliver Democrat victories

Controversial discussion like the one surrounding the Indiana religious freedom law offer organizational opportunities to identify grassroots audiences sensitive to certain topics. As Democrats look forward to next year’s Congressional and Presidential elections, RFRA is just one of three major issues that offer grassroots organizing potential.

How Democrats can win in 2014, even if they lose

WASHINGTON, April 3, 2014 — America’s laureate of number crunching, Nate Silver, raised the hackles of Democrats recently by putting the Republicans’ chances of winning a majority of the United States Senate in 2014 at 60 percent. Though Senator Harry Reid and company may bristle publicly at Silver and other forecasters, the maps and math point ...

Political ads face a brave new (and on-demand) world

WASHINGTON, March 21, 2014 — As Americans’ television viewing habits change, commercials will have to change too – especially political ads. Public Opinion Strategies and Global Strategy group released a joint study this week which predicts online and on-demand entertainment will make traditional political television ads less relevant. The survey shows that just 48 percent of ...