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Jim Bozeman spent most of his working years in the printing business. Much of his work involved copy writing and proof reading. Born and raised in the Deep South, Jim is now retired and living in central Maine.
Atop the Old Bailey |London Wikimedia

ObamaLand: Where the illegal is legal and vice versa

President Obama, a constitutional lawyer, shows us It’s legal to be illegal unless it’s illegally legal

Is Jimmy Carter a statesman and humanitarian or just annoying?

Jimmy Carter has become a shill for anti-Israeli sentiment. And when he isn’t justifying the existence of terrorist organizations, he enjoys bashing Americans.

Mysterious, marvelous Luna: ever inspiring and confounding to mankind

Man has contemplated the moon since the dawn of time. But it needs a clean up crew!

The Navy and the Coast Guard, our first defense against… weather?

Forget the Middle East and Terrorism, its time for the military to do something about the weater

Shhh! It’s a secret! The TPP – Obama’s stealth trade agreement

It's called the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP for short. It is a far reaching treaty/trade deal with Pacific Rim countries that some have dubbed "NAFTA on steroids."

Mother’s Day 2015: The literal ties that bind

I had an impressive collection of solid, seersucker, paisley, even psychedelic neck wear. I’ll always remember that peculiar, yet touching example of my mother’s love.

Maine Democrat suggests assassination for governor Paul LePage

A despicable comment is caught on a cell phone, highlighting the great divide between political parties.

Media take-down of Hillary: New York Times takes the first swing

In a searing exposé, the Times laid out a case for influence peddling and international finance on a grand scale involving Hillary and husband, and former president, Bill.

Hillary’s Antiques Road Show; Planned bonding with a paid audience

Hillary in her Scooby van, wearing neon colors and sunglasses aginst the glare of her brightness, zooms past the people she claims to care about

Four Corners area is a greenhouse ‘hotspot’; who or what is to blame?

Satellite observations between 2003 and 2009 indicate that the Four Corners hotspot releases on average 0.65 million tons of methane each year

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Le Relais Bernard Loiseau: Culinary Majesty at the legendary Cote d’Or

Le Relais Bernard Loiseau is a magnificent 5 star Relais & Chateaux luxury restaurant, hotel, and spa under the direction of two Michelin star Chef Patrick Bertron.