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Stories by Jennifer Oliver O'Connell

Jennifer Oliver OConnell offers witty, insightful, and direct opinion, analysis and musings on local and national politics and popular culture, with occasional detours into reinvention, food, and Yoga. Jennifer also teaches Yoga, and coaches clients on careers and reinvention. You can keep up with what's in Jennifer's orbit through her As the Girl Turns website.

Yogis of Faith, Part 1: Transformation

I will go even further and say the practice of Yoga is God-breathed. Just because one culture chose to discover it, further it and insert it's on stamp upon, does not mean it was not originally created by God for man's benefit.

Ben Carson’s endorsement of Donald Trump puts his judgment into question

LOS ANGELES, March 12, 2016—Last week at CPAC, Dr. Ben Carson announced he was suspending his campaign, but gave no indication that he planned to endorse any of his former rivals. He talked at length about his new role as national chair of “My Faith Votes,” a non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing the 25 million ...

Why Ted Cruz loves Donald Trump

Donald Trump's no-show at CPAC gave Ted Cruz a new advantage with the conservative base while shooting himself in the foot.

Chris Rock spoke truth to power as 2016 Oscar host

LOS ANGELES, February 29, 2016—Sunday’s 88th annual Academy Awards telecast was the most enjoyable one we’ve seen in years. Since the political agenda of #OscarsSoWhite was already set months beforehand, there were no surprises in that regard. We knew host Chris Rock would address this topic in his usual confrontational style, as much as we ...

Please, leave CJ Pearson alone

Conservatives disdain blacks on the "Democratic plantation"; are they so eager to force CJ onto their own? Isn't conservatism about thought, not orthodoxy?