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James Edwards is a tireless advocate for federalism and minimizing the impact the federal government has on all of our lives.

Car insurance: Protect your assets

Without the appropriate coverage, a motor vehicle accident that results in personal injury could result in a devastating economic loss for the responsible party.

Five critical tips for drivers pulled over for DWI

A DWI conviction can be life altering and result in terrible short term and long-term consequences. Do you know your rights?
Image: WhiteHouse.gov

Can Obama use martial law to quell liberal violence, delay inauguration?

The Obama administration has very quietly and subtly done many inexplicable things that could very well be precursors to the suspension of some, if not all, of Americans' constitutionally protected civil rights.

The Quran: A path to violence regardless of ISIS

Liberals are trapped in the narrative that Islam is a "religion of peace." There are no religions of peace, but no religion is as militant about it as Islam.
Nigel Farage, courtesy UKIP.org

One man, one country, one exit: Nigel Farage and Brexit

Without Nigel Farage, the UK would never have offered its citizens a referendum, and the UK would never have voted to leave the EU.

Young and conservative: Spring Break party at CPAC

CPAC isn't your grandpa's Republican club; think policy wonks meet animal house on the Potomac—young conservatives defining the limits of personal liberty.

“New York values”: Is Donald Trump conservative enough for you?

Trump has changed his mind on his party five times; he's changed his mind on abortion and Hillary Clinton. Have you? Can you trust Trump?

Trump is wrong: Ted Cruz is legally a ‘naturally born citizen’

Ted Cruz, like Barack Obama, were born of women that are natural American citizens. Regardless of the place of birth, their children are natural American citizens. Now can the MSM move on?

Dr. Ben Carson and the Seventh Day Adventists

For a man trained in science, Carson is remarkably adept at holding beliefs at variance with all logic and evidence. Even by religious standards, he is extreme.

Catholic Church witchcraft allegations in Congo condemn 50,000 children

The Daily Mail estimates that at least 50,000 children, some as young as only a few months old, have been accused of witchcraft and sorcery by Catholic priests, leading to their families literally throwing them out on the street, relegating them to a life of discrimination, hatred and subsistence.

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