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As a human rights activist, Hawraa Zakery is a freelance writer on contemporary and international issues. In addition to researching human rights issues at Shia Rights Watch, Hawraa is a work place well-being advocate and coach at Mind Your Work. She is a contributor to Academia.edu, researchgate.com, ireport.cnn and commdiginews.com.

Write it down: The value of keeping lists

Neurons are the basic working units of our brains, brains that never sleep. These specialized cells are designed to store, process and transmit information. They make thought possible.

Workplace well-being is a matter of Human Rights

Whether they work to survive, to accomplish a goal or to celebrate a personal vision, on average, American workers spend eight hours a day, five days a week (at least) at work.

Broaden your reading to become a better professional

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Tony Robbins and many other mega-successful leaders broaden their expertise by reading books and articles well outside of their chosen fields.

Three awful things that successful people share

It isn't your characteristics that best show your likelihood of success, but your experiences. And unsettling or bad experiences are better than good ones.

Should oppressed Shia flee or stay?

Shia Muslims are oppressed in almost every country, even those where they are the majority.

Are national security operations serving or hurting minorities?

Shia Muslims are often targeted as terrorists, not because of any factual reason, but because they they peacefully stand up for their rights

2016 after Sheikh Nimir’s execution

One might conclude we live in a world where money of Saudis and political interest on western societies wins over human dignity

UN sent expired food to Syria

While delivering expired food to the desperate people of Syria may seem insignificant, it is yet another insult in a long chain of injury inflicted upon the Syrian people.

War and suffering: How children are awakening the world again

Children might not have much power, but surely they have strong voices.

Saudi king orders mass beheadings after stampede

Every year, many pilgrims lose their lives, catch various diseases, receive poor services and lack food during Hajj, while Saudi makes more than 9 billion dollar from the event.

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