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Stories by fran_ponick

Fran Ponick is a speaker, author, commentator, teacher, and coach. She has decades of experience in technical, business, marketing, and proposal writing and editing, and has won awards in journalism, formal poetry, and acting. She has also served as a consultant to DoD. Her book, Only Angels Can Wing It: How to Prepare a Eulogy Quickly and Present It Compassionately, is available from

‘Optimus’ robo-call epidemic: Dark Side of Campaign 2016?

WASHINGTON, Feb. 22, 2016 – In recent weeks, hundreds, perhaps thousands of hapless area households—including ours—have been driven crazy by repeated calls from 703-663-4117. This past Sunday afternoon I decided I’d had enough. Caving briefly to the incessantly ringing phone calls I’d been resisting for the past week, I finally picked up the phone and ...

Kaizen Credit Improvement: Fix mistakes in your credit reports

WASHINGTON, July 16, 2015 – You’ll regularly find advice about reviewing your credit reports all over the Internet. But how many resources provide you with specific advice about how to do it? We do. Read on for our success-guaranteed details. Successful, that is, if you follow our 5 easy steps. What to do when you ...