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Stories by Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson’s column “Consciousness and Health” has appeared on a number of national media websites including The Washington Times, The Washington Post, KevinMD, The Houston Chronicle and American Public Media's "On Being” blog. Eric also serves as the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Northern California, enjoys road biking, and is more than happy to chat with anyone, anytime, about baseball.

How prayer defuses violence

‘If you think out from original goodness instead of original sin, you get God out of the box and discover what the image and likeness of God really looks like.’

Is there a cure for racism?

Chances are that we do more to protect ourselves from the common cold than the temptation to see people of another race as a threat to our well-being.

The (spiritual) limits to technology

As technology improves, so too will our ability to understand the spiritual intelligence that leads to improved physical bodies and divinely inspired lives.

Where does wisdom come from?

‘I think it would behoove us to get titillated by the possibilities for our capacity, not merely to become knowledgeable, but to become wise.’

Easter through the eyes of a woman

While we tend to think of Easter as the commemoration of Jesus’ resurrection, there’s someone else whose participation in that event deserves recognition.

How to heal hate

Immunity from the ‘politics of hate’ begins with a healthy dose of unconditional love, both for ourselves and others.