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Doni Kandel has been writing about Israeli and Jewish issues since the age of 13. Originally from Los Angeles, he now lives in central Israel, teaching high school history. He holds an M.A. in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security from the IDC Herzliya.

Hillary Clinton does not deserve the pro-Israel vote

Hillary Clinton is no friend of Israel.

What President Obama could learn from Spring Training

In any case, perhaps the President could, instead, ride out the rest of his term trying to fix some of the egregious blunders and missteps that have truly marked his time in office before he lands the entire Western world in a Jonathan Papelbon chokehold they cannot escape from.

Please don’t leave saving Israel to the alt-history fiction writers

I find it hard to enjoy the thought exercise of alt-history when it comes to pondering the fate of Jews.

Mark Zuckerberg: An American Jewish tragedy

A statement by a presidential candidate has sent the entire liberal world into a seemingly never-ending tirade of sanctimoniousness.

The Palestinians don’t deserve a state

Most honest analyzers of the Palestinian nationalism movement have already come to the conclusion that the two-state solution is not feasible in reality.

Why no one should care about the Obama-Netanyahu meeting

No matter what is said for the cameras, America has already chosen Iran as its new regional best friend and it's exclusive.

Why does Obama support Islamic Jim Crow?

The President's endorsement of maintaining the "Status Quo on the Temple Mount" shows just how bigoted he really is
Image courtesy of Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

An open letter to humanity: Pleas for the children of Israel

A desperate request to break the deafening silence that has until now met the unspeakable Palestinians and Israeli-Arab terror unleashed daily on Israeli children

Iran deal leaves fake Israel supporters with nowhere to hide

Obama's terrible deal with Teheran is nothing but bad news for the Jewish State, and trying to claim otherwise is absurd
Israel Independence Day flyover.

Obama’s pride, Hillary’s greed and Iran’s hate: Giving Israeli Independence Day new meaning

HASHMONAIM, Israel, April 23, 2014 — On Wednesday night Israel once again made the emotional transition from somber day of remembrance to day of celebration...

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