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Stories by Donald L. Brake

Donald L Brake, PhD is Dean Emeritus of Multnomah Biblical Seminary, past president of Jerusalem University College; and is author of: They Called Him Yeshua, How 30 Missing Years Changed Human History, a novel coming in 2018 (with Shelly Beach) Jesus, A Visual History, Zondervan 2014 (with Todd Bolen) A Monarch’s Majestic Translation: The King James Bible, Christian Faith Pub, 2017 A Visual History of the English Bible, Baker Books 2008 A Visual History of the King James Bible, Baker Books 2011 (with Shelly Beach) A Royal Monument of English Literature 2011 (Leaf 1611 KJV) Wycliffe New Testament (facsimile) 1986, IBP

Christian religious freedom is at stake in the 2020 Elections

LEWISVILLE, TX:  The essence of “religious freedom” has been under intense scrutiny for the past several election cycles.  The choice of candidates for the elections of 2020 may dramatically affect religious freedom. Democrats need to accept that religious freedom is a right in America – Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhist, Bahai. The threat to the Church, ...