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Stories by Conor Higgins

Conor Higgins has a BA from Catholic University in DC and an MA form George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, both in history. When he not getting his hands dirty in 2nd Amendment and firearms news he is doing his best to take a crack at some drive-by political analysis. And every now and then he may or may not review a low end bourbon for the tax write off. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Back Porch Politics.

Why more businesses are going “Gun Free”

Last week we learned that Chipotle, the maker of delicious burritos, has kindly asked American gun owners to leave their weapons at home. This comes after Starbucks, purveyor of overpriced coffee, asked those who wanted to exercise their Second Amendment rights do so on someone else’s property. Now Chili’s, fryer of mozzarella sticks, and Sonic, the most elusive restaurant chain on the planet, seem as though they will soon follow suit.

DHS to buy millions of rounds of ammunition, again

These amounts are absurd. DHS has roughly one hundred sixty thousand armed agents, including the Coast Guard. At the rate the DHS is purchasing ammunition just over the next five years they will have roughly one thousand six hundred rounds of ammunition per armed agent. This does not include the already millions of rounds already purchased under previous contracts over the last few years. The exact ammunition stockpile of the DHS is unknown.

Chipotle goes gun free

Chipotle, purveyor of delicious burritos, has decided that it has had enough of armed customers, and made the announcement yesterday that firearms would no longer be allowed in their restaurants. This announcement came after the restaurant chain reacted to pro-gun protests in at Texas store which saw the open carrying of rifles, shotguns, and pistols in support of gun rights. They argue that their decision is justified based on the apparent culture of fear that firearms spread when law abiding citizens practice their rights.

Gun registry bill gains momentum

The idea behind the blocking of any kind of gun registry on law abiding citizens is simple enough for Conservatives and Libertarians to understand, but a bitter pill for Progressives to swallow. The prevailing argument is that government run gun registries simply lead to registration, and eventually confiscation. In addition, they are only capable of tracking the weapons of those who do not intend on committing any crimes with them, and so many are left to believe that registration is simply another form of government control.

Boko Haram and the dangers of hashtag diplomacy

While Nigeria burned, and Boko Haram was killing school boys, and massacring villages, where was hashtag diplomacy? Where were the masses then? The failure of the United States and the West to recognize and deal with Boko Haram, and groups all across Africa, and the Middle-East, is what lead to this point. The West has let Africa fall into the grips of those who would see the rise of those individuals responsible for the events of September 11, 2001.

Smart Guns: The dangers and benefits

There is a recent nationwide push in regards to smart gun technology, and the push is not necessarily in favor of implementation. Millions of dollars are being spent urging tech companies to research safe methods of gun ownership, including funds from the newly minted Every Town for Gun Safety, and Mayor Against Illegal Guns. These groups see smart guns as a way to dissuade gun ownership, and so they are using their money to force products on a market that is perhaps not ready for it yet.

Hillary 2016: Why she is waiting to pull the trigger

Hillary Clinton has been out of public office for some time now. She does not hold an official position, she is not an official adviser to anyone, and yet she still dominates the news. Whenever she appears, whenever she speaks, the Liberal media is there to lap it up, and the Conservative media is there like a circling vulture, hoping for a scrap of political carrion.

S. 2105: A bill to end all gun registries

When the federal government fails to pass another piece of knee jerk, emotionally driven law in a long line of knee jerk, emotionally driven law, the states feel that it is their duty to pick up where Washington left off. They do this in the form of state gun registries, firearms identification cards, weapons classifications bans, and restrictive conceal carry issuance guidelines, all which the federal government is too scared to do.

HIGGINS: Hillary Clinton on guns: A few corrections

The former Secretary of State made a number of different comments and claims about gun ownership during her address. And because I only have her best interests at heart, and because I’m sure she is simply misinformed, I thought it best to address some of the things she said concerning firearms ownership in the United States.

McInerney and O’Brien: The men who made it possible to remember a hero

ANNAPOLIS, May 8, 2014 —  On February 22, 1797, John Barry received commission number one in the United States Navy from George Washington, backdated to 1794, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the formation of this nation. He was granted the rank of commodore, providing him the distinction of being the first flag officer in the ...

HIGGINS: Fighting to restore 2nd amendment rights in Washington D.C.

This legislation seeks to undo that irony, to remedy that situation. It represents, along with other proposed legislation, a push back against the radical anti-gun culture which seeks to demonize and denigrate firearms owners. This legislation seeks to empower the people of Washington to take their safety into their own hands, because the police don’t have to.

Rep. Stewart and taking on Armed Federal Agencies

The rise of armed federal agencies should be a situation Americans should keep their eyes on, but the rise of federal agencies supporting SWAT teams is one which should alarm anyone concerned about the overreach of government power.

Game of Thrones: Changes are coming

WASHINGTON, April 29, 2014 — There has been much anguish and turmoil within Nerdom this week following Sunday night’s airing of “Game of Thrones,” the show which is essentially a slightly more accurate portrayal of the War of the Roses than anything the History Channel has ever aired on the subject. The great betrayal, to many on ...

HIGGINS: Personal weapons: The government’s next crusade

In light of the information concerning the fatality rate of Personal Weapons vs. rifles, which has only recently come to light, several groups have sprung up calling for tighter control over Personal Weapons use. One such group, Every Town for Personal Weapons Safety, has called for legislation that would require Personal Weapons owners to lock up their devices before going to sleep.

Almost, Arizona: Jan Brewer Vetoes Gun Rights Laws

As the law did in Georgia, and if the bill was passed in Arizona, it would have forced the government of Arizona to admit that they cannot be universally responsible for the safety of their citizens at all time, and that if the state makes no provisions to secure their safety the people are charged with securing their own.

Disenfranchising gun owners

One of the most prevailing civil rights and voting issues of recent years is the legitimacy of voter ID provisions in American politics.

Illinois legislators square off on gun rights

The proposals limiting the freedom and places where an individual can carry their firearm are simply meant to deter gun owners from purchasing guns, owning guns, and carrying guns on a daily basis.