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Stories by Conor Higgins

Conor Higgins has a BA from Catholic University in DC and an MA form George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, both in history. When he not getting his hands dirty in 2nd Amendment and firearms news he is doing his best to take a crack at some drive-by political analysis. And every now and then he may or may not review a low end bourbon for the tax write off. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Back Porch Politics.
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Stoneman Douglas High School: The new gun debate a failure to defend

WEST PALM BEACH:.  In the wake of the tragic shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, fourteen survivors filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The suit charging Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, the superintendent of Broward schools, and the officer who refused to intervene, with violating their 14th Amendment right to due process. Essentially, they were suing ...

Syria and the dangers of mission creep

The United States has gone from supplying non-lethal aid to rebels, to waiving the Arms Export Act to fund ISIS and other Islamic groups, to leading air campaigns against ISIS, and now finally sending “advisers” to the war torn area.

Hillary Clinton’s gun politics by the math

Hillary Clinton, seeking to garner attention, and probably pick up some new supporters, said that she believed Australian style gun politics is something that the US should mull over.

Judge finds DC concealed carry law unreasonable

US Federal Court Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr issued an opinion that the “good reason” clause was an unreasonable burden on the applicant, and issued a temporary injunction to stop enforcement of the law.

The scofflaws in the U.S. Government

Its a government that spends half a trillion dollars more than it takes in, gives billions in foreign aid while children are starving domestically,