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Bhekuzulu Khumalo has studied economics learning that mathematics behaves differently according to spatial dimensions, transdimensional mathematics. Khumalo writes on freedom and liberty, both of which the world needs more of. Bhekuzulu Khumalo has written Fundamental Theory of Knowledge and is working on his first fictional book

Robots don’t take away rights, people do

No economic model has any rights to exist that destroys liberty

India: The future center of knowledge

with the principles of liberty India’s future is even brighter
Nelson Mandela statue

Nelson Mandela: A life lived for the heavens

Take time to look in the sky, beyond the Phoenix constellation in the south, you will see a new constellation, this one for Mandela holding his fist, defying evil.

Changing federal online gaming laws to benefit Sheldon Adelson

If Congress is willing to make laws to give Adelson greater protections by law then Congress believes there are citizens privileged by law.

Free market undermines climate change voodoo

Our dependence on oil should be an everlasting reminder not to interfere too much with the market

China needs revolutionary change, not incremental fixes

China's Article 15 says that “The states prohibit in accordance with law any organization or individual from disturbing the socio-economic order.”

Africa created the Ebola outbreak

Africa needs to be a little bit ashamed that it could not deal effectively with this outbreak.
The Federal Reserve, DC

Good-bye quantitative easing

Quantitative easing has supported an archaic structure whose time has clearly gone
Alibaba HQ via Wikimedia.

Alibaba stuns tech world, but all is not rosy for tech jobs

It is time to structure the massive rewards from a launch like Alibaba to the people that made Alibaba happen from the starting line.
Bitcoin Cufflinks

Bitcoin and the limits of real money

Freedom has many pillars, real money is one of them. Serfdom existed side by side with real money

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