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Bhekuzulu Khumalo has studied economics learning that mathematics behaves differently according to spatial dimensions, transdimensional mathematics. Khumalo writes on freedom and liberty, both of which the world needs more of. Bhekuzulu Khumalo has written Fundamental Theory of Knowledge and is working on his first fictional book

China’s currency devaluation and the need for global currency reform

Government will always manipulate money for its own political benefit.

The coming evolution of Artificial Intelligence

The practical reality is A.I represents new materials, new fuels, new health techniques, and generally a greater understanding of the material world.

Canada prepares for elections: Will Harper survive?

Canada is due for elections in October, and observers wonder whether the initiatives taken by Prime Minister Stephen Harper will survive the election.
Greeks celebrate July 5 vote.

The Greeks need to bring something to market

Greece is by far a long short from a game changing economy, it's collapse will not change the world

BitGold: Returning to the gold standard?

The return to a gold standard would not be a return to a barbaric relic, but a return to sanity.
Leaders of TPP member states / Official photo

TPP: Free trade is always good for society

Is TPP about wealth and job creation for all, or is it about enriching the powerful and connected? Trade is wonderful, but is TPP really about free trade?
Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul

A Rand Paul v. Bernie Sanders election: Shaking up the U.S. economy

2016 will decide whether the economy is business as usual, or whether there is true ideological change toward a free market.

The free market and the quest for life on other planets

This exploration of space and of other life forms is only possible thanks to the free market.

The fight against liberty leads to extremism

Why would somebody leave liberty for some ideal caliphate?

Time for an ideological battle with the Islamic State

The fight between ISIS and the West is a battle of ideas and ideology.

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