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Bhekuzulu Khumalo has studied economics learning that mathematics behaves differently according to spatial dimensions, transdimensional mathematics. Khumalo writes on freedom and liberty, both of which the world needs more of. Bhekuzulu Khumalo has written Fundamental Theory of Knowledge and is working on his first fictional book

We are all the light, Pope Francis

Giving a speech to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on April 28 2017, the pope found a way to attack the concept of liberty.
The world tilts to the left

Who should lead the world when the world is at stake?

Knowledge economics is a force for free markets, free trade, human equality and liberty. It's the antidote for and the death of rule of by global kleptocrats.

Game of Tariffs: America first, Germany first

Moving a Ford plant to Mexico to re-export to the U.S. is not free trade. Building a Ford plant in Mexico to sell to Mexicans is another matter.

FBI cracks Apple: Liberty and rationality win for once

The FBI stepped up and did its job, finding a way to solve its problem without impinging on the liberty of Apple. In this case, for once, freedom, liberty and good sense won over tyranny and injustice.

Economics: China’s brutal introduction to the modern world

China has made better economic decisions than most of Africa, but a slowing economy and rapid technological change underline the need for reform.

Oregon Land Occupation and terrorism

If the Oregon militia members were Muslim - or black - would they be called terrorists?

The IMF, the dollar and the yuan

Everybody’s currency is initially corrupt, the complaint is why is America’s currency allowed to be more corrupt than other currencies, equality amongst thieves.

Secession is worthwhile only in the quest for freedom

People want to be free to rule themselves.

No lives matter: SSA report reveals Obama’s economic failures

America was meant to become a beacon of freedom, of liberty, sadly now, it might never reach those high ideals.

Immigration and Europe’s disintegration

If Europe loosens its control, it can benefit from the migrant influx.

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