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Arturo Bienewski is the pseudonymous dodge used by an interested bystander to the last gasp of rock and roll. Arturo is the main character of "Geek Love" and known mostly for his aspirations to Godhead. 52 Gurls is a chronicle of punk rock and the amazing women who helped the writer make sense of it all.

Punk Rock, Reggae, Jamaica, and “Gurl 21” Amy Wachtel

The Night Nurse, "Gurl 21" Amy Wachtel, burned reggae music and Jamaican dub into the post punk consciousness of college radio and hipsters across America from New York to Los Angeles.

Hoboken, the Holland Tunnel, and “Gurl Twenty”, Susan Anway

Susan Anway circled the punk scene in a cloud of danger, ferocious, fearless, uncompromising, singer for the band V;, Susan was no ordinary "gurl".

Death and the Limelight: The tragedy of “Gurl Nineteen” Ruth Polsky

Ruth Polsky was responsible for giving many post punk bands their first taste of America, including The Smiths, New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Cocteau Twins.

Au Pairs, Radical Politics, and “Gurl Eighteen” Lesley Woods

"Gurl Eighteen" Lesley Woods of the Au Pairs embraced feminism, radical politics, and the post punk fervor of ideological soul mates like Gang of Four and the Mekons.

Pylon, Athens GA., and ‘Gurl Seventeen’ Vanessa Briscoe

Athens, GA. spawned the post punk dance music of R.E.M., The B-52's, and Pylon, featuring the Dionysian presence of "Gurl Seventeen" Vanessa Briscoe.

Finding Grace with Emily Kaplan: “Gurl Sixteen” Part II

"Gurl Sixteen" Emily Kaplan was fiery, inspiring, profane, whip smart, unafraid and indulgently infuriating, creating passionate drama like a raucous scene from a John Cassavetes movie.

Gurl 16: Chinatown, Combat Zones, Post-Punk elevator shafts

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, 1980 - It is and has always been twisted. A bizarre ritual of exploitation and excess in pursuit of one thing only....sex....

The Dance, Astrology, and “Gurl Fifteen” Eugenie Diserio

The Dance were a more sophisto NYC band, with Lower East Side sensibilities, and featured "Gurl Fifteen", the mysteriously extraordinary Eugenie Diserio.

Artistry, Bush Tetras and “Gurl Fourteen” Cynthia Sley

The death of the hippie dream and the pursuit of artistic license led to the thundering punk rock of Bush Tetras, featuring "Gurl Fourteen" Cynthia Sley.

Raging with “Gurl 13” Lydia Lunch and Eight Eyed Spy

When Lydia Lunch burned her way through Boston one night at The Underground she was as fierce and fearsomely brilliant as her reputation.

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