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Alan Jones is an investigative journalist covering a wide range of areas. He has worked in the financial industry and has lived overseas.
Data Mining our health care choices

Health Care’s data mining of Americans’ health, lifestyle information

Data mining of health and life style information is happening now. Will Google sensors report to IT groups whether we are exercising, or eating too much sugar?
USS Ronald Reagan - http://www.reagan.navy.mil/

Did the NSA know the cancer risk to Military responding to Fukushima?

The reported illnesses among sailors who served on the USS Ronald Reagan and other Navy ships make it imperative to ascertain whether the Navy knew or should have known the conditions into which it was sending personnel.
Perkin Coie letter

Perkins Coie becomes strong arm for Obama and FCC

The law firm of Perkins Coie now appears to be in the strong embrace of the FCC and the Democratic Party.

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