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A compromise for tax day

On this April 18th, President Barack Obama has decided to rob productive Americans blind and give the money to a bunch of liberal deadbeats who will then deliver him votes in 2012 by any means necessary.

A most unholy Obama Thursday

While Jews were celebrating Passover and Christians preparing for Easter, wealthy liberals on the West side of Los Angeles were busy bowing down to diety-in-chief, Barack Obama.

Surviving to build a 1927 T-35 Bugatti

MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, Md — June 26, 2011 — It was only last summer when I was waiting for my friend Cristhian París to pick me up at the entrance of my nephew’s apartment house. He had asked me to be outside waiting at 9:00 a.m. and it was way past that time. When he finally ...

Serious Illness and the Value of Personal Exploration

Some people believe that serious illnesses have no meaning other than the fact that they occur. This kind of observation is frustrating and annoying, mainly because most human beings find meaninglessness maddening.

I am not rebuilding Egypt

If I had a hammer, I would not hammer in the morning, evening, or anywhere across this land. I would give the hammer to somebody stronger and in better physical condition.

Artist interview: Jason T. Wright’s passions in life

The world is filled with artists. Some of them demand our attention. Jason Wright is an artist who demands our attention, whose passion for life speaks boldly from the panels on which he paints. There is a depth in his landscape series that opens one to a new vision. There is a starkness, a visceral impact. Spend time listening to ...