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Stories by Hamid Enayat

Hamid Enayat is an independent Iranian political analyst and writer based in Europe.
Anwar Raslan, Iran, Crimes Against Humanity

It is past the time to abolish immunity for Iran’s criminals

Until now, criminals in dictatorial regimes have enjoyed immunity for their crimes against humanity. Dictators and tyrants have used the safety margin of “national sovereignty” to commit crimes against humanity without fear of reprisal. However, the historic decision of two courts, one in Germany, and one in Sweden, to sentence the Syrian torturer Anwar Raslan ...

Nouri, Trial, Sweden, Iran

Nouri Is On Trial in Sweden – Why Is He the Only One?

FRANCE: In the summer of 1988, a horrific event occurred in Iran that cost thousands their lives. The 1988 massacre of Iranians was meant to drive out any opposition to the regime, who orchestrated the killings.  Khomeini issued a fatwa against the PMOI/MEK, to stamp out this group that stood for freedom and the division ...

Anti-Americanism, Nuclear, Iran, Terrorism, Global Terrorism, Iran national flag, Iranian Regime, Votes, Democracy, Elections

United Nations Anti-Americanism (Americophobia) emboldens Iran

FRANCE: In his anti-American speech at the annual UN General Assembly meeting on August 23, 2021, Iranian President Raisi (Iran’s Raisi says nuclear talks with major powers should be result-oriented) says: “What we see in the region today is that not only hegemony and hegemonic thinking but also the project of imposing Western identity has ...

Iran, State Run Media, disinformation

State-Run Media acknowledges regime corruption as a problem in Iran

FRANCE: Corruption is rampant in Iran’s economy. People are suffering as a result of the regime’s corruption and misguided economic policies. The situation has deteriorated to the point that Iran’s state media and regime leaders recognize that they are a part of the problem. On September 19, the state-run Mardom Salarie newspaper reported, “Iran’s rising ...

Iran, Biden, Raisi

Biden ignores Iranian-Americans, does not speak out against Raisi at UN

FRANCE: The Iranian Professionals’ Ad Hoc Committee on Iran Policy addressed an open letter to President Joe Biden. The letter was a request that the American government take bold and immediate measures to show that Ebrahim Raisi does not represent the Iranian people. Raisi is an Iranian conservative Islamist, principlist politician, Muslim jurist, and the ...

Biden, Iran, Regime, Nuclear Talks

Biden negotiates with Iran, but America must stand on right side of history

FRANCE: The new U.S. administration’s strategy is different from what the Obama administration intended. The Biden administration is considering renegotiating with Iran to set new guidelines for resuming nuclear talks because regional conditions have changed dramatically. Iran does not want to adapt to the regional changes shifting the balance of power. Instead, the regime is ...

suicides, iran

Iran Update: Eighty-Four Suicides in Just One Day in Tehran

According to the Harana News Agency, 84 people committed suicide in Tehran in just one day. At least 12 of them were successful and lost their lives. Suicide attempts are committed through various methods, including self-harm, hanging, general intoxication, drug poisoning, and involving children to middle-aged people. According to the report, this number of suicide ...