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An Al Goodwyn Cartoon: Portlandia’s Woke Cafe. BLM special anyone?

Written By | Jul 27, 2020
Woke Cafe, Al Goodwyn, Cartoon

Today, NY House Representative Jerrold Nadler denied that the riots, er protests, in Portland were anything but peaceful. (Jerry Nadler says Antifa violence in Portland a ‘myth).  I guess no amount of video of anarchists attempting to burn down the Federal Court House makes a difference.  Or maybe its just that the Democrat-Liberal-Left-Anarchists plan to completely erase law and order from the streets of America’s cities and towns?  And if there is no law, not only is there no order, but there is no need for courthouses, jails, or prisons.  (Oregon Could Close Prisons To Help Save School Funding During Pandemic).

In her column for CommDigiNews Portland, Oregon under siege: Whither Goest, Portlandia?, former Portland resident Karen Hagstead-Cacy writes:

Mark Hatfield’s Portland
For those who worked to build “Portland,” in league with the late Senator Mark Hatfield, the sight of these marauders attempting to torch the Mark Hatfield federal justice building is dismaying.  The dark turn “Portlandia’s” city government has taken as they abet property destruction and prop up the clueless brats doing it, has turned the city’s “Keep Portland Weird” motto into a joke.  If only it were funny.
As in Seattle to the north, Portlandia has suffered millions of dollars in public and private property losses at these hands to date.  President Trump’s offer of help has been pawned off as a Nazi dictator attempting to bring in his stormtroopers and secret police.  Apparently, to the rioters, visible property loss no matter who’s, is necessary when confronting “the man.”  One may notice that the crowd convening every night from midnight to five in the morning is overwhelmingly white.

Cacy also writes about Portland’s quirkiness:

Recently, the quirkiness of the city was displayed in the cult TV series, “Portlandia.”  They showed without even a hint of irony the place where young people go to retire. Where diners inquire as to the provenance of their chicken in their cordon bleu, and the presence of specialty shops for such ‘highly-demanded products’ as salt and bitters.

Unfortunately, the previously hip Portland is now Woke Portland.  No longer safe for those specialty shops. Or Americans.


Portland, Woke, Al Goodwyn, Cartoon

Al Goodwyn

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