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Al Goodwyn Cartoon: Dems need Joe Biden to slither out of his basement

Written By | Jul 29, 2020
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Joe Biden – An Al Goodwyn Cartoon

Rush Limbaugh, the venerate political watcher, is focusing on the polls.  And he is looking deeper than “Joe Biden Winning” because Rush has institutional memory.  CNN was the lead cheerleader on the Democrats #ImWithHer train, predicting early, often and up until the end that Clinton leads Trump, two new polls show (10/16/16)

Great American Daily reports:

Monmouth University released a poll showing Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 13 points in the key swing state of Pennsylvania. But buried in the poll was the finding that equal numbers of voters thought Joe Biden and Donald Trump would carry the state.
The poll also showed that 57 percent of Pennsylvanians thought there was a shy Trump voter in the state.

From his July 16 show, The Democrats Know Secret Trump Voters Are Out There Limbaugh also referenced Rick Moran: “Is There a ‘Secret Trump Vote’ That Will Carry the President to Victory?”

“A new Monmouth University poll out today shows Joe Biden comfortably ahead of Donald Trump by 53-40 in Pennsylvania. Biden has a 21 point lead among independents and leads in almost every age group, including those over 65. But if you ask voters who they think is going to win the state of Pennsylvania, it’s a different story.
“Most registered voters (54%) say they were surprised in 2016 when Trump ended up winning Pennsylvania’s electoral votes. They are evenly divided on whether they expect Trump (46%) or Biden (45%) to win the commonwealth this time around.

Joe Biden emerges only to be returned to the media void

One reason for this seems to be that most voters (57%) believe there are a number of so-called secret voters in their communities who support Trump but won’t tell anyone about it.
“Comparing the current results to a Monmouth University Poll taken in August 2016, Biden’s likely voter position is similar to Clinton’s summer standing in the swing counties, where she led Trump by 50% to 40%. Interestingly, Trump is doing slightly better now in core Clinton counties than four years ago, when he was polling at 21% to 67% for Clinton.”

Limbaugh used this as a jumping-off point to explain to his audience why he thought the current set of polling data did not mean a Biden victory was a foregone conclusion:

“There was a poll out of Pennsylvania earlier this week, and it revealed that 57% of Pennsylvania voters think that there is a secret number of Trump voters that pollsters will never find, that there is a secret Trump vote out there that could be huge, that even if the pollsters find them, they will not be honest with the pollsters,” Limbaugh began.
They believe there’s a huge number — this is not the media — this is voters in Pennsylvania think that there’s a large number of people across the country who are going to vote for Trump who will never say so. Therefore, you’ll never be able to accurately poll anything because these people who are gonna vote for Trump will never, ever, admit it. Fifty-seven percent of voters in Pennsylvania believe that.
I think they’re on to something. I have talked to a number of them on this program. I’ve talked to a number of you. You know who you are. There’s a bunch of you that are gonna vote for Trump and you’re not gonna tell anybody. You’ll tell us here anonymously, but you’re not gonna tell anybody where you live, and you’re not gonna go to some protest march and protest against the left.

2020: The year America’s long-hidden Marxist Revolution was launched

Limbaugh believes polls will change in favor of the President’s re-election as voters realize that, that thanks to policy proposal written in part by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden is running on the most radical program in American history.

“These numbers in Pennsylvania will begin to look a lot better for Trump once people figure out the extreme left-wing and radical agenda that Biden has adopted. It isn’t his. That’s not who he is. But they’re putting this agenda in his mouth. They’re writing it on the teleprompter, they’re sending him out to make speeches and he’s giving them and he’s reading it off the prompter, but it’s not what he really believes,” Limbaugh added.

For political watchers, watching Biden compete for this highest office in the world from his basement is a curiosity.  For Trump watchers, the idea that Democrats whose entire campaign platform, hell their work over the last four years, has not been for the benefit of Americans.  It is all and has always only been, about defeating Donald Trump.  Then in 2016 and now in 2020.

The Incredible Trump Agenda – What Most Americans Don’t Know About the War the President Has Waged – The Heritage Foundation

In 2017, nearing the end of Trump’s first year in office, Tommy Binion of The Heritage Foundations writes (excerpts – read the whole story here):

    • The once-in-a-generation tax reform passed in December reflected the fundamental changes we recommended to transform the tax code.
    • Conservatives cheered the nomination and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch, a strong constitutionalist, to the U.S. Supreme Court.
    • But the scores of principled conservatives President Trump has brought into the executive branch have very much kept their eye on the ball.

While the 2016 presidential elections were underway, policy analysts at The Heritage Foundation compiled a six-volume series of conservative, research-based policy recommendations for the next president.  At the end of 2017, we reviewed all 334 recommendations presented in our “Mandate for Leadership” series and found that the Trump administration had embraced fully 64 percent of them. That’s nearly two out of three – and that’s very good indeed.

Most Americans are already familiar with some of the conservative agenda items adopted in the last year.
  • The once-in-a-generation tax reform passed in December, for example, reflected the fundamental changes we recommended to transform the tax code from one that penalized economic growth to one that promotes it. Already, the American people have begun to reap the benefits: higher take-home pay, tax cut-fueled bonuses and a burgeoning job market.
  • The Congressional Review Act (CRA) to overturn ill-considered rules implemented by regulatory agencies. Congress used CRA resolutions to eliminate 14 major rules finalized by the Obama administration in its waning days.
  • Relatively few Americans are aware that the president has waged his own war on over-regulation.  For example, President Trump has lifted the Obama-era moratorium on coal leases on federal lands. And he has instructed executive branch agencies to review and reconsider pending rules, with a goal of eliminating two regulations for every new one implemented.

  • Sleepy Joe Biden’s bad campaign optics and election 2020 doldrums

  • By year’s end, the Trump administration had withdrawn or delayed 1,500 proposed regulations. It has made a difference. On Dec. 14, the administration reported that the regulatory rollback had saved the American economy $8.1 billion. That it would save another $9.8 billion in fiscal 2019.
  • Conservatives cheered the nomination and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch, a strong constitutionalist, to the U.S. Supreme Court. And President Trump followed this up with many other outstanding judicial appointments.
  • By the end of 2017, the Senate had confirmed 12 circuit court of appeals judges. This is the largest number of appellate judges confirmed during the first year of any president in history. Why does that matter? Because most federal cases stop at the appellate level. Only one of every 700 cases heard by these courts goes on to the Supreme Court.  But the scores of principled conservatives President Trump has brought into the executive branch have very much kept their eye on the ball. The conservative agenda is marching forward.
Believe it now, and believe it later.

If Biden wins, swamp slime will trail behind him.  And the Democrat agenda will not, as the Trump agenda does do anything for anyone:

While Democrats and Biden’s platform is built on a trail of slime.

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