The Palestinians don’t deserve a state

Stop asking if the two-state solution will work and start asking why on earth should the Palestinians have a state at all


GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel, Dec. 3, 2015 — With regard to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, no topic has been debated more than the viability of a two-state solution. American and European leaders have been especially insistent that a peace deal must result in “two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security,” as President Obama has stated on more than one occasion.  This has been far from a Democrat-only policy however. Jerusalem Post senior editor Caroline Glick in her book “The Israel Solution” (which argues against the two-state solution and proposes a one-state plan in its stead) correctly refers to the two-state policy as “a bipartisan pipedream.”

Even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at the risk of alienating the right-wing base that had just elected him, declared his support for the two-state doctrine in his now famous/infamous 2009 Bar Ilan University speech.

He stated, “In my vision of peace, in this small land of ours, two peoples live freely, side-by-side, in amity and mutual respect.”

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Naturally, the debate surrounding the two-state solution is nearly always focused on one question: will it work? This main inquiry manifests itself in a million smaller yet crucial deliberation topics, including but far from limited to: whether the Palestinians really want a state, the amount of land that would be sufficient for the Palestinians, Israel’s ability to guarantee that its borders will be secure and the like.

Most honest analyzers of the Palestinian nationalism movement have already come to the conclusion that the two-state solution is not feasible in reality. While it may not be politically expedient to admit this fact, it certainly would be advantageous for all parties involved to move on from this misguided obsession.  As Martin Sherman, the head of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, put it in a May 2015 article in the Jerusalem Post entitled “The Immorality of the two-state principle,” “Continued pursuit of this fundamentally and fatally flawed formula will result in further failure, bringing more trauma and tragedy to both Jew and Arab.”

Therefore, despite the constant international hand-wringing over answering the aforementioned questions, (or more honestly, the forcing of Israel to accept this suicidal two-state plan in any way, shape or form the Palestinians demand it) recent events in Israel should force everyone to address a far less contemplated question: Do the Palestinians even deserve a state?

Recent events in Israel appear to indicate that the answer to this question is “absolutely not.”

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While, sadly, there are many recent (and not-so-recent) examples of why the Palestinians are not ready to be granted sovereignty, perhaps one of the most glaring is in the wake of one of the more high-profile (at least in Israel, as the western liberal media feels no need to report on the murder of innocent Jews) terror attacks in this most-recent wave of bloodshed in the Jewish State.

On Thursday night, Sarah Techiya Litman and her groom, Ariel Biegel celebrated their wedding. However, this traditionally joyous occasion was stained with sadness after the bride’s father and 18-year-old brother were gunned down just days earlier while on their way to a pre-wedding weekend celebration with the groom’s family.

While this kind of Palestinian terror may not be exceptional in and of itself, what happened next is a clear demonstration that the Palestinians are not ready for a state. The Litmans’ 16-year-old son was in the shot-out car as well. While on the phone with the emergency dispatcher, he told them he saw an ambulance pulling up.

This ambulance, it turned out, belonged to the Palestinian’s Red Cross affiliate, the Palestinian Red Crescent. As can be clearly heard on the tape, the 16-year-old goes from relieved to dismayed as the driver of the ambulance slows down, identifies the dead and wounded as Jews and drives away.

This basic failure to provide emergency care to the injured and dying is a flagrant abuse of authority and responsibility. Few ethos are more universally accepted than the mantra that medical professionals must treat any and all in need, irrespective of religion, race or creed.

The fact that no organization, including the always vocal Doctors Without Borders, condemned this heinous action, not only shows their blatant Hippocratic hypocrisy, but the world’s refusal to come to terms with the fact that the Palestinians cannot be trusted to ensure the well-being of anyone, including themselves.

This all goes without even mentioning that Israel, by contrast, has embraced this tenet fully, including treating the leader of Hamas’s daughter, granddaughter and mother-in-;aw at Israeli hospitals despite being at war with the Gaza-based terror organization.

This idea is reinforced by their decision to destroy the buildings and fields of Gaza after Israelis unilateral withdrawal in 2008. A people looking to establish a nation that cares of its own would not destroy some of the most prosperous agricultural sites in the entire country simply because it used to belong to the Jews. A recent viral Internet meme combating the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement against Israel may have punctuated this point best. The meme reads, “I would boycott Palestinian goods, but they don’t actually make anything.” The Palestinian people have only rejected proposals and killed Jews since time immemorial. They produce nothing but hatred and sorrow.

The Palestinians have demonstrated time and again that they have no desire to rule according to wisdom and virtue, but by deception and the sword alone. It would, therefore, be a great act of evil to grant them their own state.

Every decision made by Palestinian leadership since the Partition Plan in 1947 has indicated that they cannot be trusted with their own state, including Yasser Arafat’s rejection at the 2000 Camp David Accords and subsequent ignition of the Second Intifada to the declaration just months ago by Mahmoud Abbas that Jew and Christians have no right to “desecrate our holy sites with their filthy feet.”

The destruction of Israel and the spilling of innocent Jewish blood has always superseded the establishment of a Palestinian state, and until that changes the world should stop pretending that new borders will change this reality. And this is without even mentioning the flagrant abuse of human rights perpetrated by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas against its own people (including but far from being limited to the mistreatment of women, homosexuals and the disabled), which may be the most pertinent information regarding the ability and the right to self-govern.

Lest you think these are just actions taken by corrupt leadership that is not representative of its population (although the Gaza destruction can’t be pinned on leadership), consider a recent groundbreaking report on Palestinian public opinion, based on 330 polls conducted over many years, published last month in Mosaic Magazine by political scientist Daniel Polisar.

While the results are horrifying, they are far from surprising for anyone who has been paying attention for the past 70 years. Of the most telling findings is, “In a December 2014 PSR poll that prefigured the recent attacks, 78% expressed support for the ‘increase in Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank in attempts to stab or run over Israelis,’” “Ninety-four percent of Palestinians report a ‘very unfavorable’ opinion of Jews,” “61 percent, thought it morally “right” to “nam[e] streets after Palestinian suicide bombers,” as well as, “53% of Palestinians declined to call the 9/11 attacks terrorism’” (in fact, many forget that there was dancing and candy-throwing in the streets of Gaza and the Palestinian West Bank on that tragic day).

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These anti-Semitic, bloodthirsty and morally bankrupt opinions are not befitting a people worthy of their own state. These corrupt values are, in fact, the ones heavily prevalent in the currently collapsing Arab states such as Syria and Iraq. The creation of a new Palestinian state built upon these principles of hatred and violence will only create more turmoil and destruction. None of this behavior demonstrates a group of people ready to be given the keys to their own castle.

As the great political theorist Edmund Burke wrote, “But what is liberty without wisdom and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice, and madness, without tuition or restraint.”

The Palestinians have demonstrated time and again that they have no desire to rule according to wisdom and virtue, but by deception and the sword alone. It would, therefore, be a great act of evil to grant them their own state.

So, the next time the two-state solution is brought up by Mahmoud Abbas, Benjamin Netanyahu, Barack Obama, John Kerry or anyone else, the question that we all should ask is no longer “will it work?” but rather, “why on earth do the Palestinians deserve their own state in the first place?”

The answer should now be self-evident.

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