Iraq 2003: Right war, right time, right president

Iraq 2003: Right war, right time, right president

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The Iraq War

LOS ANGELES,  August 10, 2014 — Whenever Iraq is in the news, Iraq War critics feel compelled to deflect current policy failures by attacking the original mission. All the revisionist history in the world will not change the truth.

After seventeen broken United Nations resolutions, President George W. Bush enforced Resolution 1441. America was now engaging in regime change designed to remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq. It took about three weeks to realize that goal, and in 2004 Hussein was caught in a spider hole.

Soon after that Saddam was hung.

Like America in 1776, Iraq got off to a very rocky start. President Bush hired General David Petraeus to salvage things, and the 2007 surge of troops was a spectacular success. The Iraq War was won. When Bush left office, Iraq was well on its way to becoming a functioning if imperfect democracy. His successor withdrew all American troops in 2010 by claiming victory. Only then did Iraq start collapsing, with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) filling the power vacuum.

Withdrawing the troops in 2010 has proven disastrous. Declaring that America never should have gone in to Iraq to begin with is a claim as politically motivated as it is false.

Over a decade later the Iraq War was still absolutely the right thing to do. Saddam was a madman and a monster. He had Weapons of Mass Destruction. He used them, and they are probably in Syria now. Yet liberals still hate the Iraq War and America’s involvement in it more than they hated the genocidal lunatic we removed.

Liberals did not hate George W. Bush because they hated the Iraq War. That is backward. They hated the war because they hated him. They hated his existence, and by extension had to hate everything he ever thought, said, or did.

Their cries are still shrill, and every false claim about the Iraq War must be rebutted.

“The war was illegal.” No it wasn’t. We went through the U.N. that liberals worship.

“The war was immoral.” No it wasn’t. We freed people held captive and liberated them.

“The war was for oil.” No it wasn’t. We could have taken the oil. We didn’t.

“Bush lied.” No he didn’t. Liberals still cannot point out any actual lie. Perhaps they meant Fast and Furious or Benghazi.

“WMD.” Nobody cares. That is not why America went to war. WMDs are the excuse liberals invented to give themselves an out. Besides, Saddam did have them. Republicans who apologized should be blamed for doing so when no apology was necessary. Saddam acted like he had them. If he lied, he got what he deserved anyway.

“We should have gone after Iran instead.” Wrong. We should have gone after both of them. Vice President Cheney wanted to hit Iran in 2008 and the liberals howled about another war. In the five years since the left has had control and President Obama did nothing to slow Iran.

“The war created more terrorists.” No it didn’t. It killed them. Days after Saddam was captured, Ghadafi voluntarily turned over his weapons program. He got the message.

“Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11.” Nobody said he did. Saddam did have everything to do with worldwide terrorism. He funded Palestinian suicide bombers to blow up Israeli citizens.

“We’re not the United States of Israel.” The anti-Semitic left is so classy, and not worthy of having their comments dignified.

“Afghanistan was the good war.” The minute the left retreated from Iraq, the Code Pink (Democratic) Party planned the surrender from Afghanistan. The modern Democratic Party would have lost World War II if given the chance.

“I’m glad Saddam is gone, but…” No but. Either one stood with Dubya or one stood with Saddam. I’ll stand with “The Dub.”

It is hypocritical for liberals to say they are glad Saddam is gone without praising George W. Bush for removing him. Saddam was not removed by osmosis. He was removed by force. Liberals wanted to lose the war because they hated Bush more than they loved this country.

The Bush-bashers lost and the Saddam-bashers won.

The Neoconservatives were validated everywhere but in the liberal media. Where it mattered, on the battlefield, the Neocons got it right. Liberals unable to accept this should break out their peace pipes and Ouija boards, hold a seance, bring Saddam back, and live under him in Iraq.

Bush Derangement Syndrome prevents liberals from living principled lives. Human rights goes out the window if it means giving Bush an ounce of credit. Liberals wanted to lose the war so they could win the White House in 2004. Bush refused to allow any of that to happen.

In another decade, liberals will still be bashing what Dianne Feinstein called “Bush’s war.” She was right about that. It was his war. Thanks to his leadership and the greatest military on Earth, it was won. Because of his successor’s ideological blindness combined with incompetence, many of the gains were lost.

Iraq can still be salvaged once America shows the same leadership it did in 2003. That requires having a leader who understands the purpose of war and how a military operation is supposed to be run.

Forcibly removing Saddam Hussein was, is still now, always, and forever will have been the right thing to do.




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