Benghazi: Liberals determined to turn Trey Gowdy into Ken Starr

Benghazi: Liberals determined to turn Trey Gowdy into Ken Starr

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Kenn Starr - Trey Gowdy
Kenn Starr - Trey Gowdy

NEW YORK, May 6, 2014 — Congressman Trey Gowdy, meet Judge Kenneth Starr. Now try to avoid Starr’s fate.

With the Obama administration refusing to provide answers to what happened in Benghazi, House Speaker John Boehner finally put together a select committee. South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy is an experienced prosecutor, tough litigator, and exceptional orator.

Picking him to lead the select committee was an easy decision.

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While Gowdy is a very conservative Republican, he has made it clear that his only interest in Benghazi is getting to the truth. If the truth exonerates President Obama and his administration, so be it. Zero evidence exists to question Gowdy’s intelligence, integrity or sense of fair play.

The problem is that Gowdy will be up against powerful forces lacking integrity and uninterested in rules or fairness. Their goal will be to win at all costs, regardless of who gets hurt.

These forces make up virtually 100% of the Democratic Party. Their goal will be to impede the investigation using scorched-earth tactics. Gowdy will have to be destroyed just like Starr was.

Starr was initially appointed to pursue the Whitewater land deal. His operation expanded into other Bill and Hillary Clinton scandals including the firings of the White House travel office personnel. President Bill Clinton’s affair with intern Monica Lewinsky led to his impeachment. Clinton supporters knew the only way to protect Clinton was to strip every ounce of humanity from Starr.

Before the impeachment proceedings, Starr was a widely respected prosecutor and judge. He also had a reputation for being fair and thoughtful.

None of that mattered. Starr’s character was assaulted so ruthlessly that Americans saw him as the villain and the Clintons as innocent victims of a partisan witch hunt.

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The strategy of deflecting blame worked. Now it will be redeployed. The main people accused of wrongdoing in Benghazi are President Obama and the same Hillary Clinton who always seems to find herself at the center of scandals. Obama and Clinton are both experts at deflecting blame by obliterating anybody who can affect them adversely.

Hillary covered for Bill’s infidelities by blaming the victims and then all political accusers. The women were denigrated as trailer trash while Republicans attempting to get to the truth were deemed part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Obama got reelected by doing what Hillary does. When confronted with the Benghazi scandal, he stonewalled. Simultaneously, he intimidated Mitt Romney and anybody else who dared to bring up the scandal by declaring them partisans.

Now this all-too-real left-wing smear machine will be gunning for Gowdy.

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The truth is that four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens and a pair of Navy SEALs, were murdered by radical Islamists. Their murders were deliberately coordinated attacks in a Muslim country on the eleventh anniversary of the original September 11th attacks.

The truth is that the administration knew the attacks were motivated by Radical Islam. The administration blamed an internet video and placed the film-maker in jail. The video narrative was a lie, and the administration went with that narrative anyway. This was done to keep President Obama from facing a Jimmy Carter problem, a humiliating election year foreign policy defeat. The Obama narrative about al Qaeda being defeated was false.

Recent documents showed that it was Obama’s top foreign policy speechwriter Ben Rhodes who pushed the video narrative. Now Gowdy needs answers to even more serious questions.

Where was Obama during the attacks? What was he doing?

Who gave the order for those attempting a rescue attempt to stand down? Only the president can issue such an order. If anyone else gave the order, it was illegal.

Why was the stand down order issued even though at least two of the four victims very well could have been saved?

Until these questions are answered, nothing has been answered.

At some point Gowdy is going to force Democrats into a painful decision. They will have to decide if they love their party and their president more than their country. Richard Nixon was forced for resign because Republicans put America above politics. Democrats have never shown a willingness to let decency get in the way of political victory.

The closer Gowdy gets to the truth, the uglier the attacks on him will become. He is a white Southerner attempting to find the truth about America’s first black president and its potential first female president. Expect the race card and the war on women to be deployed cruelly and capriciously.

Right now Democrats are attacking the credibility of a hearing that has yet to start and a committee that has yet to meet. Once the American people determine the Benghazi hearings have merit, the only thing left for the left will be to link Gowdy to the KKK, church burnings, and lynchings. Gowdy is supported by the Tea Party, so expect doctored photographs of tea party rallies photoshopped with burning crosses on black lawns. This is before getting to the justification defense, with leftist rantings about evil George W. Bush and his “illegal” wars (neglecting to mention Hillary’s support for them).

No level of ugliness will be too low for those determined to protect Obama and Hillary.

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No amount of slurs will be too many when directed at a white Republican prosecutor investigating malfeasance against people who happen to be minorities.

No number of lies will be too problematic for those who believe that the ends justify the means.

Vitriol, invective, and viciousness will be directed at Gowdy by those who have nothing positive to offer this world.

Gowdy is tough, but so are his political suicide bomber opponents.

Just ask Ken Starr.

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