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Blog Talk Radio – Mid Term Election Responses

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Preview – Live Chat The Walking Dead: Ep. 505 Self Help 9:00pm EST


Does God help those that help themselves? Or does God not exist. Seems to be the paradox of Season Five. Join CDN Live Chat – let’s discuss


The 2014 election is over; the 2016 campaign has begun


How far the Republican mandate goes may depend on how far Republicans are willing to take it. And that point rests on something that isn’t far from anyone’s mind: Election 2016.


COTTO & CO: Michael L. Weinstein and Allen Brownfeld MidTerm response


Listen to Cotto & Co. on Blog Talk Radio every Sunday at 6:30pm and then available On Demand


I’m With Phil: Documentary metaphor for post election America


A tornado came out of nowhere to spread destruction on the land of Phil Campbell; A politician did the same to America. Elections have consequences. At least that’s the plan.


2014: The year the Western world rejected Big Government


Statist policies have predictably resulted in spectacular failures in every aspect

Sergey Kovalev beat Bernard Hopkins with a smart approach to their fight Saturday in Atlantic City. Photo: Courtesy Grant

Kovalev fights smart in decision win over Hopkins Saturday


SAN DIEGO, November 8, 2014 – Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev made his name impressing boxing fans with his powerhouse punching, winning 23 of his 25 career fights by knockout. Saturday night he scored the most impressive victory of his career without a knockout, defeating Bernard Hopkins in a lopsided unanimous decision. Kovalev (26-0-1, 23 KOs) ran

Charles and David Koch - John Chiasson/Liaison and file Images

Harry Reid blames you, we thank you, Koch brothers


Harry Reid suggested amending the Constitution to limit free speech, just to shut them up. Call it “Koch brothers derangement syndrome.”


Palestine: The last victims of the Holocaust


Following the Holocaust, Jews were repatriated to an area of barren land now known as Israel. But at what cost to the Palestinians? Both suffer a brutal history

Sunset at Chateau Chambord, Loire Valley, France  (wikipedia)

The fabulous luxurious chateaux of France’s Loire Valley


France is known for its elegant chateaux and no region is more prolific than the Loire Valley.


We have our country back; now what?


We finally have an opportunity to make some positive change—what to do to get the country back on track?


Was the “Black Vote” instrumental in the Republican victory?


LOS ANGELES, November 7, 2014 — Dani McClain of The Nation rejects claims that the total rout suffered by the Democrats on November 4 had anything to do with a lack of Black voter turnout. “One place you can’t lay blame for the Democrats’ trouncing last night: at the feet of black voters. That demographic made up


How will the new GOP Congress make good on their promissory notes?


The Republican Party offered the voters a deal on Tuesday. Elect us and we’ll see to it that Obamacare is repealed and the borders will be secured, plus there will be no amnesty for illegal aliens.


The Republican “War on Women”: Ding, Dong, the meme is dead


The supposed Republican “War on Women” was blown out of the water. Ding, Dong, the meme is dead.

U.S. Capitol / James Picht

With Republicans in control of Congress, watch the economy soar


WASHINGTON, November 6, 2014 — The American people overwhelmingly rejected the policies of the Obama Administration on Tuesday; they elected Republicans to a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. If the Republican Congress can enact its agenda without having the President veto their legislation, economic growth will soar. For the past six years, the


CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS: After the fall – What does the MidTerm election mean


On Tuesday evening, the Republicans swept the Senate. And the question everyone is asking is Why? Critical Conversations will answer that question and more.