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Money -  Creative Commons courtesy of Pexels.com - https://www.pexels.com/photo/money-gold-coins-finance-2116/

Market merry-go-round back in action on rumors and guesses


WASHINGTON, April 28, 2016 – Very short post from yours truly this morning. The Maven is trying to escape the maddening environs

Cruz for President

Cruz chose Fiorina over far better options


The problem with Fiorina is that the negatives far outweighs the positives. Every criticism Fiorina throws at Clinton also applies to Fiorina.

Barack Obama promised "fundamental change" in America. And since 2009, he's given it to us good and hard. (Composite image).

Obama’s no-growth economy grinds to a halt


WASHINGTON, April 28, 2016 — Recently released figures indicate that U.S. economic growth in the first quarter of 2016 was only 0.5

GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz names Carly Fiorina his running mate. Inset, Hillary Clinton.

Political pandering and the suicide of American women


The women’s suffrage movement moved hand-in-glove with government growth, and with that, declining economic opportunity. Hillary promises more of the same.

Road tested: 2016 Honda HR-V


The 2016 Honda HR-V is a well-equipped, fun to drive compact SUV. We have the full review!

Donald J. Trump | Image courtesy of candidate's website gallery

Donald Trump: From candidate to presumptive nominee in 24 hours


Donald Trump’s brusque, plain spoken New Yorker persona today took a back seat revealing the quiet Trump. And one good speech can change everything.

Front of old gymnasium in Knightstown, Indiana. Nicknamed the "Hoosier Gym" because it was used for the filming of the movie Hoosiers, it was built in 1922. Who will win 2016's GOP primary in Hoosier Country?

Trump dominates liberal Northeast as race shifts to Indiana heartland


LOS ANGELES, April 27, 2016 — One week after winning his home state of New York, Donald Trump swept all five Acela

Violist Ziyu Chen. (Photo by Matt Dine)

YCA showcases the artistry of young violist Ziyu Shen


WASHINGTON, April 22, 2016 – We’ve said many times in our columns here and elsewhere that the New York-based Young Concert Artists

Image via Tumblr.

Myth Trivia: Making ‘sense’ of corduroy and Herbert Hoover


CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, April 27, 2016 – In the mid-1970s, the Watergate Scandal brought down President Richard M. Nixon. Ever since, each

Getting closer. Cartoon by Branco, reprinted by permission. See note below.*

Nine entertaining reasons why you should vote for Donald Trump


WASHINGTON, April 27, 2016 – All Republicans and supporters of Donald Trump’s campaign for President, hold on to your hats! This is

1885 Poster featuring the photograph Cocaine Medicine Ad, 1885 by Granger.

History of America’s War on Drugs: Failing then, failing now


The War on Drugs is won with education and treatment, not scare tactics and incarceration

Trump at 50 %  - pulls ahead of  Kaisch and Cruz  - abc57 - photo credit

Trump changes the game with 50% support in national polls


Despite Cruz and Kasich attempting to block Donald Trump, the brash business man keeps winning more states, more delegates and, quite possibly, the GOP nomination.