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Welcome to the House of Black and White, Arya. Photo: HBO

Preview ‘The High Sparrow’ – Game of Thrones Season 5, Ep. 3


Characters are moving about on the Five Kingdoms chess board. Who will check; checkmate?

Listen up, pros and stars: It's Eras Week on 'Dancing With The Stars.' Photo: ABC

Dancing With The Stars goes back in time for ‘Eras Week’


With Derek Hough injured Sacha Farber steps in to step back in time with Nastia Liukin on Dancing with the Stars as they dance to ages on Era night

Atocha Station in Madrid has a botanical garden in the main lobby  (wikipedia)

Travel Tip: European railway stations can be your new BFF


EUROPE, April 25, 2015 – When traveling abroad, many inexperienced travelers have two primary common fears: language barriers and getting lost. Here’s

David Brock, founder of Media Matters.

David Brock, Peter Schweizer, Disney, and the gay diversion


WASHINGTON, April 25, 2015 — David Brock, the perpetually angry devotee of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, described the news-making author of


Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: George Foreman weighs in on fight (podcast)


One of America’s greatest heavyweights offered his thoughts on the May 2 megafight, the loneliness and the pressure on both fighters.


European refugee crisis result of poorly planned Libyan intervention


Overthrowing Qadaffi has led to a human refugee crisis that is ending in death


DOA by DOJ: Comcast Time Warner buyout is no more (UPDATED)


WASHINGTON, April 24, 2015 – Like Monty Python’s famous parrot, the highly controversial marriage between cable and media giants Comcast and Time Warner


The federal government as Animal House


If the Internal Revenue Service or the Veterans Administration were college fraternities, they would be on double secret probation.

Izquierda Unida / Flickr

The Greek crisis: Athens should bail itself out


All bets are off on a 2015 “Grexit,” according to popular UK betting site William Hill.

Mad Dog: Inside the Secret World of Muammar Gaddafi

The devil you know: Muammar Qaddafi and Libya


Muammar Qaddafi, it turns out, was more adept at handling jihadists while maintaining civil order than NATO, America’s feeble community organizer or their weak Libyan allies.

Euge Groove, Rick Braun and Peter White.

Berks Jazz Fest: Rick Braun, Peter White ‘Jazz Attack’ highlights Day 8


READING, Pa., April 24, 2015 – Sandwiched between early evening and midnight, the Gerald Veasley Jazz Base jam session was a muscular

Kevin Fobbs, Michelle Manhart, Jackie Fobbs 800 x 482

FREEDOM’S GATE: Guest Michelle Manhart protecting America’s flag


Michelle Manhart joins host Kevin Fobbs. Also, Jackie Fobbs on the Mother March of Dimes March for Babies.

Dr. Ben Carson is tossed under the GOP Bus by writer Steve Deace

Steve Deace’s unwarranted attack on Dr. Ben Carson


Ben Carson is much more than many people realize, and Steve Deace and others are unwise to count him out as a viable candidate for POTUS.

Dr. Dani McVety

Transitioning with Love: The Rainbow Bridge Doctor


Through Lap of Love, Dr. Dani McVety, DVM, helps our beloved pets, and their families, transition through lifes final moments

Test nuclear blast in Nevada desert, 1953.

Iran to get multi-billion dollar signing bonus for nuke deal?


The Washington Free Beacon published a story earlier this week that poses the possibility of the U.S. paying a $50 billion “signing bonus” to Iran for agreeing to a nuclear arms deal. Seriously?