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The Real Cost of Free Money: A lesson in supply and demand


It is the difference between the transfer of wealth and the creation of wealth by actually improving the mousetrap.

The #President on Freedom's Gate

America’s #President: A ‘Kardashian’ in the White House


Without the selfies and the tweets and social media stunts,, we might not know that the President is working and not on the golf course.

Hey, I'm people too! | Keith Kissel / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kakissel

Expand Obamacare; it’s the right thing to do


Republicans are wasting time fighting Obamacare. It’s time to bow to inevitability and embrace the logical next step in true, universal healthcare rights.

Facebook 99

Could you give up Facebook for 99 days


Seems a study conducted by a non-profit “99 Days of Freedom” shows that most of us actually have a ‘complicated relationship’ in regard to the social networking giant.

Janeece Docal.

‘Standing Ovation’ salutes DC’s Principal of the Year


WASHINGTON, January 24, 2015 – In an earnest effort to make the teaching profession cool and rewarding again, the DC Public Education

Flickr/Wil C. Fry

A Senior watches the tragic decline of America


Nothing can create an appreciation for the blessing of freedom like having the threat of that blessing being taken away.

New York Court of Appeals | Image - Wikipedia

The lawsuit is the battle before the appeal war


A vicious dog attack left a woman without use of her right arm. A Florida jury awarded $3.7 million. The Florida appellate court overturned the verdict.

Cartoon by Branco. Re[produced with permission.*

Nielsens are in and it’s official: Obama’s SOTU a flop


WASHINGTON, January 24, 2015 – The final ratings are now in and it’s official: President Obama’s midweek State of the Union (SOTU)

Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill

Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill rocks organic vegan


The AJ burrito (also available in a bowl), features organic brown rice, organic black beans and steamed broccoli.