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FREEDOM’S GATE: Conservative and libertarian causes have a defender in Fund Me America


Conservatives and libertarians across the nation are battling a litany of issues that tear at the fabric of the U.S. Constitution’s protections and guaranteed rights. Fund Me America, a crowd-funding website designed to provide financial and moral support for those on the front lines of conservative and libertarian causes may be the answer for those under attack.


Trump and Sanders: Escaping the Matrix


The media machine has hyped up the non-choice: Hillary or Jeb. Sanders and Trump are reminding America, you have real choices; it’s up to you to grab them.

Girls Deliver Ice (1918)

Living in a simpler time


There may have been problems in the 1930s and 1940s, but life was generally easier.

Rand Paul | Campaign file

Rand Paul’s identity crisis — to be or not to be Republican


Much of Rand Paul’s campaign to date has been petulant and irritable, despite having a strong message, instead of strength he delivers anxiety.

Soldiers of America - shutterstock_156558776 (image purchased - receipt on file)

Two Purple Hearts and a broken life: The cost of PTSD


Anyone who has experienced traumatic stress can be affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The worst thing sufferers can do is isolate.

1,534 Mw Sandow Station coal-fired power plant in Rockdale, Texas. Credit: Steve Davidson

EPA’s costly Clean Power Plan is wasted effort


Carbon dioxide emissions from American electrical power plants are falling faster due to market forces than the EPA’s Clean Power Plan requires them to fall.

Wall Street isn't resembling this sketch of the 1874 Tompkins Square riot. Yet. But things aren't getting any better for stocks, particularly in the oil patch.

No panic in the streets yet, but oil takes another smackdown


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Aug. 13, 2015 — Short report today, as we’re at the Albuquerque Sunport awaiting the first leg of our trip


Michigan Judge Gorcyca sends children to father they fear


Oakland County Family Court Judge Lisa Gorcyca gave the father temporary sole custody despite a history of abuse and the children’s refusal due to fear.

U.S. soldiers taking the oath of citizenship / Photo: DVIDSHUB, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

Oath of allegiance for naturalized citizens is modified and nobody noticed


Obama continues to tinker with his promise to reshape America, tinkering the obligation for new citizens to serve when the country needs them out of their oath.


Violence in America’s cities: Police aren’t the problem


Police officers have been on the front-lines, for decades, protecting citizens and their property, and often paying for it with their lives.

The beer-loving spirit in you should recognize the spirit in this food-friendly beer: Namaste.

Drink now: Dogfish Head Namaste


REHOBOTH BEACH, Aug. 13, 2015 – Dogfish Head is no stranger to beers with interesting and sometimes exotic ingredients – after all,


The coming evolution of Artificial Intelligence


The practical reality is A.I represents new materials, new fuels, new health techniques, and generally a greater understanding of the material world.

Bruce Sledge.

Down and dirty with Santa Fe Opera’s ‘Rigoletto’


SANTA FE, N.M., August 11, 2015 − Despite its relentlessly sordid story line − based on a controversial drama by Victor Hugo −

Keith Hamilton Cobb and Thembi Duncan.

‘American Moor’: ‘Talk Back’ time at Anacostia Playhouse


WASHINGTON, August 11, 2015 − A unique feature of the current run of Keith Hamilton Cobb’s “American Moor” at the Anacostia Playhouse


Candy cigarettes: A nostalgic sign of the times


I loved putting a candy cigarette, its tip dyed red, between my lips and pretending I was puffing away with the grown-ups.