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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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Constellation Pirandello cast pix.

Is ‘Absolutely! {Perhaps}’ a weird play? Absolutely. (Perhaps)


WASHINGTON, October 14, 2014 – Constellation Theatre Company opened its 2014-2015 regular season this weekend past with a new production of Luigi Pirandello’s 1917 drama “Cosi e (se vi pare).” Roughly translated from the Italian as “Right you are (if you think so),” the play is based on an earlier novel by the author. Now


Africa created the Ebola outbreak


Africa needs to be a little bit ashamed that it could not deal effectively with this outbreak.

Image of Satan in Ethiopian church.

Wall Street Hell Week: Dow, S&P500, NASDAQ crater again


WASHINGTON, October 15, 2014 – It’s a bad day for the Maven today as he tries to file his tax return before the ultimate filing deadline today while simultaneously directing a virtual fire hose at his fire-consumed portfolio. Stocks themselves have descended into the bowels of hell this morning, with the Dow initially down well


Same-sex marriage & pushing the limits: Why can’t I marry my English Cocker


Still, I have just one unsettling thought: if everything is permitted, then maybe nothing is permitted.


Political gaffes, Alison Grimes, and low information America


Behold the new American solipsism: I don’t think, therefore I ain’t.

Kristof Magyar/FLICKR

Ophelia’s story: Surviving a sociopath’s cruelty and mind games


The level of cruelty and mind games was unfathomable. I did not previously know a person who could be capable of anything like this.


Safe and economical “new” Halloween traditions


Many Americans will be looking for new, less expensive ways to dress children, adults, pets, and other family members as they get into the Halloween spirit.

Dolores Umbridge, posing as Houston's Mayor / Photo: Ed Schipul, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

Houston’s Mayor Parker’s First Amendment Witch Hunt


Houstonians opposed to the city’s new HERO provisions filed a lawsuit, and in response, the mayor wants area pastors to turn over their sermons.


Congressional corruption dims the shining city on the hill


The founding fathers feared – we now have the favored few who have enriched themselves at the public trough – and it is Congress


Obamacare one year later: Many Americans can’t afford to see their doctor


But is the ACA providing affordable care for all Americans?


Election 2014 predictions: The Governors


Voter disgust with Washington can bring down unpopular governors, but capable chief executives can buck national trends just as easily.

Harry Reid

Harry Reid is ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ – Lois Lerner cries ‘Gimme Shelter’


Reid has an apartment at the DC Ritz, having reportedly paid $175,000 for what he calls his “one bedroom apartment.”


John Oliver leads the pumpkin spice revolt


SEATTLE — October 13, 2014 — Having a Monday morning without a John Oliver video to watch from his broadcast the night before is like drinking a pumpkin spice latte which doesn’t contain real pumpkin. HBO’s John Oliver has put together a hilarious rant against the ever-so-popular pumpkin spice found in many drinks and other foods

IMAGE: T.J. O'Hara

FREEDOM: A resource policy for energy and the environment (Part 1)


RANCHO SANTA FE, Calif., October 13, 2014 – Energy and the environment are inextricably combined, yet they are rarely discussed within the context of a national resource policy. Then again, we really do not have a national resource policy or any other clearly articulated policy for that matter. Let’s fix that by crafting an intelligent