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MONDAY, September 15

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Democracy: Image by Mustafa Akhwand

Sept. 15: International Democracy Day promoting democracy to the World


The price of not having democracy is higher than having one, but the fear of losing power leaves governments refusing to create order in their nation.

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LIVE CHAT TONIGHT: Dancing With The Stars Season 19 premiere, 8 p.m. ET


Competitors need to enjoy their debut tonight. For one of them, it will be his or her only appearance in the DWTS ballroom. Join our live chat as we discuss whose going to go first!

Bear Grylls in quicksand.

Alibaba [BABA] creates more IPO shares. Facebook redux?


WASHINGTON, September 15, 2014 – Alibaba’s [BABA’s] incoming IPO really seems to have a head of steam going into its scheduled Thursday evening (September 18) pricing and Friday morning opening trading which will likely start quite late. But the Maven still doesn’t think you and I are going to get any of these shares, whatever


Miss America 2014: How politics made a beauty pageant ugly


Politics seems to infect everything it touches, and the 2014 Miss America pageant was no exception.


Italian wine industry’s sour grapes: NYSE wine stocks to watch


Italy’s 2014 wine harvest will be the smallest since 1950, giving French and U.S. wine-makers hope for an excellent year.

isis v hitler1

Comparing ISIS and Hitler is a useless irrelevant exercise


CHARLOTTE, NC, September 15, 2014 – Making comparisons between ISIS and Hitler or the Koran and the Bible has become a popular pastime in recent weeks. For Muslims, such parallels provide justification for their victimization, but they are dangerous and, most of all, irrelevant. The argument always begins that there are more than a billion


English should be America’s official, not ‘de facto’ language


English is not our official language, meaning the government has to provide services in dozens of languages to accommodate a non-English-speaking population.

Wile E. Coyote apparently grabbed onto the NASDAQ on the wrong day today. (Warner Brothers cartoon still, altered by the author to illustrate a point.)

Alibaba, Fed, Scotland, Rule 575 send stocks over the cliff


WASHINGTON, September 15, 2014 – It’s another Blue Monday on Wall Street today where last week’s weirdness and uncertainty once again reign supreme. The tech-heavy NASDAQ is down a whopping 50 or so points around noon EDT, which seems weird, as Apple (AAPL), one of the biggest components of the Nazz, is up nicely today

Mary Landreiu Campaign Stop

The privilege of Mary Landreiu (D-LA) owes taxpayers over $33,000 after illegal expenditures


A deeper investigation revealed more than $33,000 of taxpayer-funded charter flights were taken in order to get the Senator to campaign related events.


It is time to end AIPAC’s pernicious influence on U.S. Middle East policy


Blind support in Congress for whatever the Israeli government does is not based on conviction of any kind, As Friedman has written, “It had been bought and paid for.”


President Obama’s Constitutional offenses: Too many to count


From terrible ideas, bungled “red lines,” and other “stupid stuff” that have cost American lives and treasure, explicit and obvious crimes are too many to track

Companies should think about hiring scientists as managers

For a better business, hire more scientific thinkers


WASHINGTON, September 15, 2014 — In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, scientists like mechanical engineer Frederick Winslow Taylor helped develop the basis for business education in an effort to improve commerce with the use of scientific methodologies. Although today this legacy continues with the implementation of techniques like the Six Sigma Protocol in companies such


From Ray Rice to lap dancing teachers, America needs pastoral guidance


Violence purposely overlooked has affected at least 20,000 former pro-football players… a man used a dog “shock collar” on his 7-year-old daughter… Ray Rice welcomed at his old high school… anti-abortionists persist in back-door tactics

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Would you ever talk to a Christian Scientist about health?


‘Having a conversation with a Christian Scientist about health care is like asking the Amish how to drive a car.’ Ouch.

Josh Earnest | John Kerry

Counter-terrorism or War: It’s a matter of ‘terminalogy’


“What wondrous word-weavers these politicrats be.” – The Grand Pronunciator of Mumblemouth Manor