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Monday, October 27, 2014

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PAIRED: Halloween

PAIRED: Halloween Treats with Becky Reams, Master Chef semi finalist


Paired is themed for the holiday chili, cornbread and a crisp garden green salad – perfect for adults dolling out the treats or for the kids! Paired, 6:30pm EDT on Blog Talk Radio

No Monster Mash but plenty of Halloween themed dances tonight. Photo: Cheryl Burke/Facebook

LIVE CHAT: Dancing With The Stars: Ballroom trick or treat tonight 8pm EDT


Our live chat puts the “Boo” in booty for this week’s Halloween theme edition of DWTS. Join us on Monday, 8:00pm EDT here on CDN

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NHL enforcers fighting a losing battle


As necessity for their services has diminished, players whose primary role is to fight are finding themselves pushed out of the league.


China needs revolutionary change, not incremental fixes


China’s Article 15 says that “The states prohibit in accordance with law any organization or individual from disturbing the socio-economic order.”


MORE VOTER FRAUD: Thousands of Republican voting records at-risk in Chicago


CHICAGO, October 27, 2014 — As news circulated last week about an Illinois voting machine “calibration error” changing Republican votes to Democrat ones, a new report questions the integrity of thousands of GOP voting records in Chicago and whether or not they, too, have been compromised. Early voting kicked off in scandal-ridden Cook County last week

Puck cartoon, 1906.

Oil in trouble, stocks lack direction in Monday trading


WASHINGTON, October 27, 2014 – Monday’s trading is dominated by a seemingly endless number of competing traders, ideas, politics and general foolishness. Traders are busy talking their books on CNBC as usual. Politicians and economists paint rosy or rotten portraits of U.S. business prospects as we run up to a momentous Midterm Election 2016 where

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Are you identifying yourself as a disease?


Despite our best efforts to distance ourselves from this or that condition, there are powerful forces pushing us to do the opposite.


Violence in America is merely a result of cultural conditioning


Human trafficking is the most critical social issue of our day.

George Washington / Nation's Capitol

Kern: District of Corruption no longer deserves Washington’s name


D.C. stands for a District of Corruption populated at its top tier by the worst of the people this country. Washington’s name should no longer be used


A Walking Dead Halloween party: Long pork and blood orange cake


WASHINGTON, October 26, 2014 — A character on AMC’s series The Walking Dead learned last week that his barbecued leg was surprisingly tasty. We viewers couldn’t help but notice that it looked delicious. My inner Dahmer is hungry for long pork. Unless you grew up in New Guinea, the odds are small that you’ve ever

Hillary Clinton and Martha Coakley

Hillary adds to the ‘you didn’t build that’ playbook dressed by Kim Jon Un


“The woman is the message, not the clothes. Simplicity and solid colors are always the best choice.” — Nina McLemore

Celebrating too early? Still, a party has to plan ahead.

Republicans seem to be ahead in Colorado, but will they win?


Republicans seem poised to make gains against the Democrat machine but the result is clouded by the probability of election fraud.

Camp Leatherneck sign

NATO strives to avoid mistakes of Iraq in Afghanistan


Despite attempts to avoid the mistakes of Iraq in Afghanistan, the situation is tenuous at best.

Clinton Obama Warren - Laughing at Americas job creators

Clinton, Obama and Warren – Liberals no-growth economy joke on America


What’s the joke? Advocating on behalf of a no-growth economy by pretending there is no such thing as a job-creating, private sector.

Ancient Maya sculpture, Lamanai, Belize  (Taylor)

Five great creepy travel destinations for Halloween


The world is filled with mysterious places. Here are five good ones for Halloween travelers.