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On Flanders fields the poppies grow / Photo: Jim Picht

On Flanders fields: What have we bought with the blood of our war dead?


Why do we want to fight ISIS? What are our goals in Syria? Before we send Marines, Soldiers and Sailors to die, we owe them good answers.

Charter and Time Warner logos.

Charter nears $195 per share deal for Time Warner Cable


WASHINGTON, May 25, 2015 – Memorial Day 2015 may not be much of a holiday for certain Wall Street dealmakers. Several sources

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A garland of marigolds and a heart full of prayer for Nepal


‘After hearing about the recent earthquakes, I found myself glancing at these flowers, wondering what sort gift I might have to offer in return.’

St. Martins Lane hotel in London.  Photo by Alison Reynolds

St. Martins Lane in Covent Garden: Eclectic flair and style


St. Martins Lane is the Morgans Hotel Group’s stylish flagship hotel in the heart of Covent Garden in London.

FDR Memorial Wall.

Making personal decisions: the bedrock of freedom


Freedom: keep what’s yours, guard what’s someone else’s – and resist anyone who attempts to take it away.

The past and future: Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul

Kentucky sons keep Congress’ ratings in the tank


The actions of the two senators from Kentucky help us understand what’s going on.

Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinese.

National Memorial Day Concert encore Monday on PBS


WASHINGTON, May 25, 2015 – In case you missed yesterday’s live PBS simulcast of the annual National Memorial Day Concert on the


Lincoln, the Gettysburg Address, and Memorial Day


The cause for which those Union soldiers gave the last full measure of their devotion was that this nation, under God, had a new birth of freedom.

Briefcase of money.

Bipartisan crony capitalism and America’s Constitutional crisis


WASHINGTON, May 25, 2015 − Some people are beginning to notice that as more Republicans get elected, the more things stay the

project enye cover

Project Enye: Forming a community of first generation American born Latinos


First time Enye filmmaker Denise Soler Cox has teamed up with four-time Emmy Award winning and Academy Award nominee Henry Ansbacher to bring “Project Enye” to life.

stormy sea posterized

The Navy and the Coast Guard, our first defense against… weather?


Forget the Middle East and Terrorism, its time for the military to do something about the weater

John and Alicia Nash, 1958

John Nash, mathematical giant, dead at 86


John Nash was one of the most original, brilliant mathematicians of the 20th century. His recovery from schizophrenia and his Nobel Prize were twin triumphs.

An armed Syrian guard patrols inside a Roman theater in the ancient city of Palmyra. Photo by Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images

An Islamic State of mind: The demons of Palmyra


A war on global warming is easier than a war on ISIS; you can look like you’re winning just by talking, and your invisible enemy will never shoot back.

The majestic Royal Crescent overlooks the spa village of Bath  (wikipedia)

Great Britain by Train: An ideal international family vacation


When it comes to international family travel, there may be no better starting point than Great Britain and there is no more convenient way to go than by train.

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron star in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’ Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Review: The (welcome) feminist emasculation of ‘Mad Max’


It’s not clear if Miller was setting out to make a specific type of statement, he talks almost exclusively about survival – which is the major theme of the Mad Max franchise