Is America healthier with a swamp that is drained

The political right has been leaping from the backs of crocodiles for years, but to drain the swamp means not getting swallowed by these beasts.

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WASHINGTON, March 19, 2017 – Is there a correlation between out of control big government and our health? Will “draining the swamp” and removing crocodile corruption from Washington make us feel better, be better. Many people think so.

Political corruption has many roots including inaccurate reporting, attention grabbing lobbyist groups with too much power, and politicians and power brokers with personal wants that outweigh any love they may have for our nation are whittling away our sense of security and quite possibly, health.

American’s premature death

Why is America’s life-expectancy so low compared to other first world countries? Yes, most people die old, infant mortality is down but when compared to other first world countries, America’s killers are a little bit different. A poor diet filled with excessive salt, high fructose corn syrup and less natural foods that grow from the ground sets us apart in a bad way.

There is an array of things that kill Americans. Most of them are fairly typical and easy to guess at –  heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, cerebrovascular disease. With 1/3 of all Americans living to the age of 85 and beyond, these are common health conditions found in the elderly.

If you are looking to increase the American lifespan focusing on the premature, or avoidable, deaths is a great way to do so.

Preventable diseases – obesity, Type II diabetes, smoking, sedentary lifestyles and stress – are all killers that lead to heart disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke that, according to the American Heart Association, killed nearly 801,000, one in every three people, in the U.S. in 2013. However, death from Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart and lung diseases are on the rise.

There are also higher instances of  ‘despair deaths’ – alcoholism, suicide, drug use – which are often the result of mental health and addiction disease.

Some of the biggest contributing health factors to U.S. deaths are stress, easily preventable diseases that go untreated, and welfare generosity according to Science

In the 1940s for example, the US had one of the healthiest populations in the world. But the recent National Academy of Sciences panel report on the US health disadvantage found that residents of the US fared worse, across at least nine domains of health, than residents of other rich democracies – and the disadvantage was consistent across all socioeconomic positions. This cross-cutting difference in the distribution of population health supports the notion that macro-level institutional factors like social policy differences – not just lifestyle or health care factors – may help to explain the US disadvantage (Woolf and Aron, 2013).

Death can often be connected to a lack of preventative care – from cancer screenings to diabetes management. Supporters of President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act fear that under the Trump administration, Planned Parenthood will cease to provide women with cancer screenings and other preventative services.

Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms, instead referring women to cancer specialists and radiologists, fees for which are not covered by Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood does provide cervical cancer screens (PAP smears), HIPV screens and breast exams. Often the costs of these tests are based on income and may be free or lower cost than a private physician.

Effective, cheap healthcare would be one of the most effective ways to save American lives and lower stress levels, with or without Planned Parenthood as a federally funded program.

Money and stress

Money, it is said, is the root of all evil.  It is also at the root of our stress, marital conflicts, and poor health. Personal debt is a huge problem but is often a sign of a larger issue – all to offten health care related debt.

Personal debt is only a small part of the issue, credit cards and mortgages being the primary additions to personal debt.

More Americans have been able to afford homes due to deregulation in the banking industry. Unfortunately. a large majority of Americans have lost their homes due to the same deregulation policies. As a nation, we seem to have a problem understanding personal debt management. From personal debt spiraling out of control to the massive national debt, owing money is a huge source of stress for many Americans.

What is a ‘Good Safety Strategy’?

The size and spending of the U.S. military is huge. Our military has been a jobs creator, a national defence measure, and a technology producer.

However, the best defense as a nation is a good infrastructure.  One purpose behind our crumbling national road system was to be able to move troops quickly, effectively and safely in a time of war.

A good infrastructure has many great benefits besides defense. It also helps the economy and gives individuals more personal freedom to travel. If you are looking for more safety as an American, looking for better infrastructure programs will help Americans a great deal.

Where does the money go? 

Big money is hidden throughout all levels of politics. And while the right and left have often been prey to the of politicians, there are those that have lept from the backs of the big government crocodiles to do good things for the American public.

Escaping the crocodiles is hard to do. Knowing who they are is an important part of it. Knowing who is behind a program is necessary. For example, if you find a study saying that flossing is no longer necessary, but it is funded by Waterpik, you might want to do more research.

You can do the same thing with politics.

The largest Political Action Committees, or PACs, in America are Wall Street, realtors, alcohol, tech, and the automobile industry. Some of the largest lobbying groups are from technology, mining, defense, smoking and the food and agriculture industry. Looking the crocodiles right in the eye can help you look past some of their nonsense and help you make better political decisions.

The political right has been leaping from the backs of crocodiles for years, but to drain the swamp means not getting swallowed by these beasts. Americans need to ask are we ready to drain the swamp, kill the crocodiles and get healthier all at once?


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