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  • Wendy Hellman


    Your description makes me want to go to Eureka Springs.


  • Jacquie Kubin

    I can’t wait to go back… 24 hours in this town was not enough! And when we were there it was cold, rainy and gray! It would be a great spring destination — or fall!

  • nobody

    Very nice story…You make Baltimore sound like the proverbial undiscovered paradise. Sad to say but 24 hours is all I would recommend to anyone going to “Charm City”. Try living there for 11 years and tell me what you think. Having lived from Providence RI to Palm Beach Florida I must conclude that Baltimore was the worst city I have ever lived in. Of the 10 years that I resided in Baltimore, I owned a restoration shop and gallery on Howard St along “Antique Row”. I must say there were some wonderful times and I have come away with some heartfelt memories.
    BUT….At night, after the shops would close and the street was void of any intelligent life form, the same street became the property of the hookers, drug dealers, the “johns”, the gay prostitutes and homeless. It became the “other side” of life. Lexington Market was home to the worst of the worst. A place you would go if you wanted to risk your life. Even during the day.
    I have seen some of the most beautiful buildings and architecture ever,only to be torn down in the name of “redevelopment”. It is very sad at best. Yes, the Inner Harbor is quite the dichotomy from what it was 20/30 years ago. A fantastic area if you are a tourist but not the full and honest view or representation of the city. Take a cab ride over to East Baltimore or the Northwest side. Then come back and tell me how nice it looks. I am sure you will find some unwed, 300lb. black woman with 6 kids hanging on every word while listening to Public Radio. Not…
    Baltimore does have a few outstanding features…If you have the money to spend. Fells Point has a nightlife that I will cherish for a long time.While living on my boat I had spent many evenings at the Cats Eye Pub. A great venue for blues and an even greater clientele. It is a world unto itself. But one cannot live in the nightlife forever. Nor can you spend your days at Cross Street Market…( a place I love dearly). One must live a life. Baltimore is not the city that I wish to live mine. So I suppose in the end, 24 hours would be all I recommend. Then get out while you can still walk, run or drive…And only if you can dodge the bullets.

  • nobody

    I am guilty of gratuitously using the Convention and Visitors Bureau catch phrase, I’ll grant you that, but I did not sugar-coat the experience. No one shot at us, offered us drugs or sex. Lots of people on the street said “Hi.” I have been to East and Northwest parts of the city too.Not places I would recommend for vacationers.

    I don’t have a boat. We took Greyhound there, not a stretch Hummer.

    Things are bad all over, and I think a short step out of your usual settings is healthy. Put down your troubles for a while and have some fun. I don’t get to do it often, so I tend to concentrate on the positives when I do. There is plenty of pain and suffering for later.

    I hope you find your way out of that God-forsaken city soon, if that’s what you want.