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Shia Muslims are often targeted as terrorists, not because of any factual reason, but because they they peacefully stand up for their rights

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The death toll at last year’s Hajj, in Saudi Arabia, topped 2,177 individuals according to Al Jazeera, however in war-torn Iraq the Shiite commemoration of Arbaeen had a remarkable fatality count of zero, despite realistic and continuous threats from both ISIS and Al Qaeda.

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If we fight against Daesh, we'll lose; the fight isn't with a group, but with Wahhabist ideology, which is embraced and promoted by our ally, Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh al-Hilli delivers a majlis outside of Washington DC in 2015

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For more than twenty years, the United States has been a home to a special oral historical tradition that is growing in both popularity and scope in the Shia Muslim community.,_Manama,_Bahrain_(Feb_2005).jpg

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There are allegations that many Middle Eastern countries are deliberately under-reporting their own native Shiite populations, and have been doing so for decades

Sean Hannity - Pamela Geller and Anjem Choudary on Fox News Tonight

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In various ways, Hannity, Gellar, and Choudary espouse the same message: that Islam is a barbaric, backwards religion that cannot be compatible with the West.

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The school attack by the Pakistani Taliban was not a sign of strength, but of weakness.

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WASHINGTON, November 19, 2014 — Researchers from the Project Coranica at the University Library in Tübingen, Germany have discovered a copy of the Quran...

Muslims praying

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WASHINGTON, October 10, 2014 — Under the nom de guerre “The Atheist Muslim,” an individual named Ali A. Rizvi, wrote a rambling article called...

"#AmessagefromISIStoUS We are in your state We are in your Cities We are in your streets You are our goals anywhere." reads the twitter account that posted this photo

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FBI officials report being aware of pro-ISIS graffiti and activity in Washington DC and ask the public to contact them if they see any suspicious activity.

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So now Mr. Trump, and family, have come to Washington. And we wish them, and America, well.