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In the effort to acquire developed country status, Trinidad & Tobago should consider international tax neutrality and abandon its online sales tax scheme.

Cacao seeds in Ecuador and Pecans in Georgia

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Food does not come from the grocery store; knowing not only where, but how, quality, fresh foods come has spawned a new type of tourism travel - agritourism

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By putting a provision in the agreement that Israel will not lobby Congress for additional funds undermining the very existence of the American Israeli Public Affair Committee.

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Iran's ballistic missile tests notwithstanding, the Obama Administration opposes expanding funding for Israeli missile defense procurement and development.

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ISIS-affiliated mass murderers strike again, slaughtering French priest saying morning Mass in Normandy. Hollande: France "at war with ISIS." Attacks by "asylum seekers" in Germany persist as well.

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Organizations such as the EU, NATO, and the UN were formed to ensure peace after an era in which nationalism tore apart the very fabric of a continent – a mistake that must not be repeated.

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Many of nations the EU and the World Bank hope to work with are ill-equipped to either integrate or shelter the refugees arriving on their shores.

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Britain has decided to leave the EU resulting in losses financially across the globe. But did it have to be done for the sake of Britain? 51.9% of voters said yes.

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Europes Left wing leaders, Slovakia's Fico, Germany's Sarrazin and the Czech's Zeman are all European leaders faces with the refugee crisis - and all are anti-migrant

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An early morning terror attack in Belgium leads 31 dead and hundreds injured. The attack comes a week after police arrested Paris terror attack suspect.

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If you are visiting Denver and haven’t stayed at the Inverness, do what so many have recommended and make this a destination.