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To correct a human rights problem, you first have to admit you have one.

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Shia Muslims are often targeted as terrorists, not because of any factual reason, but because they they peacefully stand up for their rights

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As Paris was the end of life for scores of innocent victims, we can only hope it is a chance for another new beginning for the feckless leaders, including our own, to come to terms with making the choices that will lead to a disproportionate spilling of our enemy’s blood in the future, rather than more of our own.

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No one wants to be a refugee - just look at the Facebook or Twitter pages of those claiming asylum or refugee status. These people are in fact, teachers, students, engineers, and doctors.

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Every year, many pilgrims lose their lives, catch various diseases, receive poor services and lack food during Hajj, while Saudi makes more than 9 billion dollar from the event.

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Show your humanity when you cross paths with a refugee. Know that they see your instinctive coiling back and know this is an ugly thing to do toward one who has survived so much.

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Gulf States journalists are among the harshest critics of their region over Syrian migration.

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Sometimes Islamic arrogance is beyond rational thinking, but the West still buys it

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Without realizing it, Germany could be opening the floodgates for the same environment of WWII.

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Do you understand the nuances of the Syrian refugee crisis? Communities Digital News Editor in Chief Lisa Ruth offers her thoughts on the crisis.

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