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More trivia to take to the water cooler, cocktail party or bar. This week Picasso thefts, four fingered cartoon's and the General - George S. Patton

The Colosseum in Rome is a monument to history (wikipedia)

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Roman authorities shut down three rogue mosques involved in radicalizing Muslim youth, sparking a protest and fears that Italy might soon be an ISIS target.

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Myth Trivia explores little known facts from Nevada, Wyoming, North Dakota and Arizona

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"Bird dogging" is a dirty political trick used freely by the Clinton campaign, and the evidence is on videotape. But is it enough to sway any voters to Trump?

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Clinton has little to gain from the debate, while Trump has almost nothing left to lose; expect him to go at her with all that he has as he takes his last shot.

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Since this week started out by celebrating the Columbus Day holiday, it's appropriate to focus this trivia column on the explorer who famously sailed the ocean blue in 1492.

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The term “Islamophobia” has become an all-to-familiar buzzword -one that never even existed a few years ago. But does it exist?

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By putting Presidential debate opponents in isolation booths like those in 1950s game shows such as "Twenty-One," moderators wouldn't be able to interrupt or favor either contestant.

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It’s a good bet that if you're a James Bond fan, Stans, Switzerland will not come to mind as a destination where the famous British secret agent operates.

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine / Image: DonkeyHotey, used under Flicker Creative Commons license

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Tim Kaine lost the debate, but he did it ensuring that the only thing anyone would hear about would be Trump's taxes. That's what Clinton needed him to do.

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