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“…the fact that ISIS operates without a corporate organization chart shouldn’t make us relax; it should make us more concerned.”

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Ferdinand Magellan was credited with becoming the first man to sail around the world. Would that be first man, dead or alive?

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Americans may not hear much about the Geert Wilders trial in the Netherlands. But it is significant in many ways for those still supporting free speech.

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Democrats are still reeling from Trump's victory, no longer shocked, but furiously panicked; Trump has the power to be a transformational, game-changing figure.

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Thanksgiving traditionally launches the Christmas season in America. But there is still much to learn about our favorite culinary holiday.

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Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, present an interesting tale when we have been told repeatedly by the Obama administration that “Isil has nothing to do with Islam.”

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Democrats are in meltdown mode to such a degree that they still cannot accept Donald Trump’s victory. Or are the protests and anger calculated?

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Trump has been president-elect for five days, and he's already caused financial panic, student psychoses, racism and the KKK; what happens when he's president?

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John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon raced toward the White House in 1960 and they changed how candidates race for Presidency

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Most experts are betting on Hillary Clinton to win over Donald Trump, but Americans lose either way.

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