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NOAA just released its Niño 3.4 index for the last three months, and it will heat up the debate between climate-change alarmists and global-warming skeptics.

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PHOENIX, Aug 20, 2015 – On Aug. 7 a press release on sunspot activity provided during the annual meeting of the International Astronomical Union...

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Data after 1997 showed a pause in global warming; a paper in the prestigious journal "Science" eliminates the pause by adjusting temperatures upward.

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Once lifted, the threat of reinstating sanctions against Iran is meaningless - far too little, too late. We just need to look at South Korea to know that.

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Is climate change altering west coast wind farm power production or are west coast wind farms altering climate change?

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Carbon dioxide emissions from American electrical power plants are falling faster due to market forces than the EPA's Clean Power Plan requires them to fall.

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Tomorrow's final release of EPA's Clean Power Plan will require carbon dioxide reductions of 44 percent below 2005 levels by 2030

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Under UN climate plans, economic basket case Greece will contribute money to a fund that economic giant China and oil producer Saudi Arabia will draw from.

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A major redefinition to the way solar sunspot counts are recorded may render a Paris climate agreement in December unnecessary

The bottom two black spots on the sun, known as sunspots, appeared quickly over the course of Feb. 19-20, 2013 | Image

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Solar activity since 1975 does not correlate to earth's late 20th century warming. Thus, it cannot be a primary driver of earth's short term temperature rise.

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So now Mr. Trump, and family, have come to Washington. And we wish them, and America, well.