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The plates and flavors to be found in the Mount Royal City are worthy of a town whose appetite for life, and food, is huge.


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The King and Prince Resort, located in St. Simons Island, GA, is the perfect getaway for a milestone birthday, anniversary or other "adult" celebration.

Swimming with the sharks - Image by Keith Hogarth of UNEXSO

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While there is an understanding that this could be a potentially dangerous situation – diving with the experienced staff at UNEXSO, kept me comfortable and entranced by the magnificent beauty of these shark.

Cacao seeds in Ecuador and Pecans in Georgia

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Food does not come from the grocery store; knowing not only where, but how, quality, fresh foods come has spawned a new type of tourism travel - agritourism

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Find Italian ambience and luxury at Loews Portofino Bay Resort hotel at Universal Studios, Florida

Kiawah Island Golf Resort

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Golfers love Kiawah Island for the majestic courses, but there is lots to do besides that. There’s fishing, biking and outstanding dining to be found as well.

Xunantunich, in western Belize, where archaeologists found a tomb of the ‘snake dynasty’. Photograph: Jaime Awe (Image used for educational purposes)

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Central America's Belize continues to provide new archeological insight into an ancient culture. Now they have unearthed the burial tomb of leaders from the Snake Dynasty

Bright red Italo trains inspired by Ferrari are a rapid link in Italy (

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European trains are perhaps the best, most efficient way to see Europe. Italy is a perfect example.

Smithfield Station Boardwalk - Image: Jacquie Kubin

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Smithfield, Virginia is a step back in time to Southern gracious hospitality and really good food

Ft. Worth Stockyards, where the west begins / Photo: Jim Picht

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The historic Grapevine Vintage Railroad gives riders the rare opportunity to step back in time and enjoy the Old West.

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