Visitor at the Pennsylvania Memorial monument , Gettysburg - Image: Courtesy

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Visiting historical places and seeing them with your own eyes brings history to life and makes it real.

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Travel the World is live for your calls every Monday at 6:30pm then available as a podcast, available here and on demand.

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Listen to Travel the World - Europe by Train. Travel the world is live every Monday at 6:30pm eastern on Communities Digital News

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Travel to Ireland with Bob Taylor and Jim Leggett, a world traveler, writers and photographer who held the position of chief photographer for the Scottish Tourist Board.

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The Golden Triangle of Nicaragua includes San Juan Del Sur, Ometepe Island and Granda and nestled within is Rancho Chilamate and a host of spectacular experiences.

Travel the World -CommDigiNews Hour

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Travel the World: Visit to Kiruna, Sweden and Switzerland in Western Europe before dropping back to Italy to further explore Urbino, a walled city in the Marche region of Italy, south-west of Pesaro

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Cross the Rubicon to Tuscany and Northern Italy with our guest travel writer Walter Sanders,, and your hosts Jacquie Kubin and Robert Taylor

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The Georgia Tech swim team had their weekend canceled due to winter's white stuff, and this is the result (video)