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It’s not a day to celebrate the freedom and independence of America. It’s an excuse to barbeque, and blow stuff up.

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In a land constantly at war, in a society where the law is no more than the competing wills of lords and kings, death is an eager visitor to the weak and strong alike.

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The transgender fight is about privilege of the few over the rights of the many. It is not a civil rights fight. It is political pandering at its best.

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Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump for all of their strident differences have already begun to forge a bipartisan consensus between the colliding anti-establishment movements which they represent.

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Under the Presidential nose, with a substantial number of house Democrats voting with a united Republican majority, the refugees are now a bipartisan issue

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But you don’t build a multi-billion dollar business empire in real estate, entertainment, and retail without understanding precisely what it is that makes people want to buy.

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Much of Rand Paul’s campaign to date has been petulant and irritable, despite having a strong message, instead of strength he delivers anxiety.

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God the Father is described as acting through Jesus, and we are described as reaching God the Father through Jesus.

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The American people need to be educated more than we have been on the details of the legislative process and the real substance behind what politicians tell us.

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We have an obligation to help the nations who are our neighbors, but The United States cannot adopt all the at-risk children of the world. That has to end.

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