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After 13 weeks and 12 games, the littlest of the puppies are left behind in the elements and the standings.

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Fidel Castro is dead. Pass the Cuban cigars, the super-sized Cherry Coke made with Cuban pure cane sugar, and the McRibs.

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The shopping malls are dangerous. One option is to stay at home with a good book.

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Many Hillary Clinton supporters still have not figured out why she lost the election.

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Is there a reason for the Electoral College? California. The Electoral College was specifically set up to prevent large states from being the only states to elect a president

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The idea that Donald Trump has hatred in his heart for people of different skin color or ethnicity has zero basis in fact.

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We know some choices, but as for the rest of the cabinet, it is very important for liberals to understand some basics about Trump’s choices.

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Trump wants to give America a pair of reinforced, double woven tighty whities.

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For now, Brexit has come to America. People demanded change, and the change candidate defeated the status quo candidate.

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Republicans have no need to kill minorities. Democrats are doing a great job of that themselves. It is called inner cities, run by Democrats for the last 50 years.

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