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We are headed for a showdown between the Republican establishment and Donald Trump, and the only salve he can put on that wound will be to pick a running-mate who is acceptable to the people who will nominate him

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In 2016, the polls are the “Yes Men” of the campaign. Just like relying on a parrot, relying on misleading polls can be a politician's downfall.

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The strength of candidates like Trump and Sanders is an expression of voter disgust with Washington, Democrats and Republicans. It's time for a third party.

How safe is your water? / Photo: James Niland, used under Flickr Creative Commons license.

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Do you know what's in your water and where it comes from? And do you trust your state and city governments to know, and to tell you what they know?

Hillary for America Follow December 19, 2015 - Manchester, NH By Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America - Flickr

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47 percent of voters will choose Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States. With Bill they will ignore Benghazi, her lies. The email security breaches.

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The irony of gun control is the reality that gun control measures won’t work. The agony of gun control is that we feel helpless to fix the problem.

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Only leaders with the wisdom and courage to acknowledge reality and the skills to lead the fight to wage a total war against radical Islam can prevent a new Dark Age.

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Like Friday the 13th's Jason, election day 2016 is coming, and you can't do anything to stop it. Here's how candidates are trying to channel that Jason vibe.

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If they legislate our right to bear arms away from us, who will be knocking at the door to take our guns away

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Emails servers, Texas border walls, overturning SCOTUS and repealing Obamacare - Just a series of true lies and misdemeanors all in the name of campaign promises

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