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WASHINGTON, January 19, 2017 — "President Trump." It has an oddly surreal ring to it. After two months of preparation, the idea of a Trump...

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In his farewell speech, Obama displayed his greatest gifts, his ability to relate and connect, and to thank each of us for our small part in this great country. He was sincere, he was kind, he was genuine.

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Between house guests, travel and final exams, December is a stressful month; don't make it worse by sweating the small stuff or having a stroke; eat a cookie.

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This is the same country Obama was proud of in July, and the same country its detractors have been ashamed of for decades: Imperfect and great, always America.

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After a long and brutal campaign season, Americans need a holiday. Please, President Trump, you have a pen; how about a Post-Election Recuperation Day?

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The Trump and Clinton campaigns can get in the gutter of political blood sport, but we shouldn't join them; when it's over, we'll have to unify as Americans.

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When are flag-waving patriots like campus activists? When they're offended. No one but your parents really cares about your feelings, snowflakes, so move on.

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Error is not a failure of character or intellect; the refusal to admit the possibility of error is a failure of both.

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Things don't just seem worse because the news comes faster and unfiltered. They seem worse because our friends repeat over and over again that they are.

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Many things that are fun and worth doing can't be made fully accessible to all and remain fun or worth doing.

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The prayers, coffee, swearing-in, luncheon, and parade, was over - and it was time to dance, laugh and say thank you.