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When are flag-waving patriots like campus activists? When they're offended. No one but your parents really cares about your feelings, snowflakes, so move on.

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Error is not a failure of character or intellect; the refusal to admit the possibility of error is a failure of both.

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Things don't just seem worse because the news comes faster and unfiltered. They seem worse because our friends repeat over and over again that they are.

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Many things that are fun and worth doing can't be made fully accessible to all and remain fun or worth doing.

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Black mothers have something much bigger to worry about than that their sons will run into the police when they leave home: They might not run into the police.

The Clintons and Trump: Peas in a poisoned pod?

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Voting our fears is like fighting the darkness; voting our hopes is like lighting candles. Voting our fears is no way to build a future of hope and of light.

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Politics and recrimination is the game for tomorrow; Today it would be better to show some love and do some good. If we are good, tomorrow might never come.

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What's the difference between a rape victim, a mugging victim, and a Donald Trump supporter? Victims don't deserve to be victims, except when it's their fault.

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Camping? Netflix. Culture? "Pocahontas." Water park? Garden hose. Foreign culture? Taco Bell. Don't overthink, over-complicate or over-spend. Keep summer fun!

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To be so tired or distracted that we lose a child in a crowd or leave an infant to die in a car is a life-shattering catastrophe, but must it also be a crime?

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