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What is the cost to America for Illegal immigration amnesty. Listen to Cotto & Co. to hear what two great thinkers - Dr. Stephen Steinlight and Dr. James Picht think!

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Adopting English as our official language, and demanding that immigrants learn the language, is an idea that can gain traction on both ends of the political spectrum.

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What is the future of our country when it comes to Amnesty. Two gentlemen, each with opposing views on Cotto & Co. on Blog Talk Radio

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Listen to Cotto & Co. on Blog Talk Radio every Sunday at 6:30pm and then available On Demand

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Dr. George Lakoff talks about the taboos of human intelligence as they relate to American politics on this episode of Cotto & Co. on Blog Talk Radio

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Dr. Robert Weissberg disagrees with the notion that schools, not students are bad. He is the author of, among several other books, Bad Students, Not Bad Schools.

Gay Marriage by Mike Licht for Flickr =

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OCALA, Fla., October 18, 2014 — Same-sex marriage is legal in 31 states now. Many of today’s adolescents are growing up in a culture where...

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Dr. Jason Richwine formerly of the Heritage Foundation is Joseph Cotto's guest on Cotto & Co. on Blog Talk Radio

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As far as politics are concerned, the troubles typically boil down to economic concerns.

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Fred Karger and Paul Gottfried take opposing views on same sex marriage to see where they agree, and disagree.

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